IFTTT support possibility

I’m not sure if it would be useful or not, but it would be interesting to see what this community could come up with using IFTTT. I think it could allow for some interesting outcomes, but it would be an additional cost for vivokey/DT.

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What exactly do you want to integrate? Any reader you use would need to know about IFTTT, not the implant. If you program your own reader then you can integrate it into IFTTT yourself using a IFTTT web endpoint.

I was thinking more on the vivokey end so you can have a security check as a trigger.

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Ahh, ok so like a way to trigger a request to scan your spark and return an “authorized” type value to IFTTT? That makes sense.

Exactly, I’m not sure if there’s much you can do with it because it’s been a while since I’ve messed with IFTTT, and I don’t have a spark yet (I ordered one so I’m just waiting now), so I’m not sure if this is even a reasonable thing.

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I can’t speak on behalf of DT and Vivokey…but. I believe this was asked in another thread off-topic. From my understanding the spark can be used as an authenticater for the Apex chip.

I go to make a purchase with my Vivokey because I have a Spark2 it will also ask me to authenticate my Spark before purchase.

Sorry for short response, I’m on the beach right now :p.

@Pilgrimsmaster you got some feedback? I know this came up recently when the question of is it worth having both a Spark and Vivokey in, or should I wait came up. This forum has blown up in the last 2x months!!! Yay

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Don’t forget to:
A) join the VivoKey forum for the spark! You won’t be able to login in without your Spark
B) download and play with the API for the Spark for authentication.

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I think this is the one you were referring to!?

On the Vivokey forum there were two users talking about IFTTT
well, @torynfarr was

and @ColdCanuk ( Not to be confused with @CanuckCold or @ColdAssCanuk ) was comparing to Microsoft flow

Hi all,

I’m new to the community, but I feel there are many interesting applications from backend, using just a url.

I’m waiting for my Spark2 and NExT to be delivered, so I do not have access to the Vivokey API to see whats possible to do with it atm.

But regarding IFTTT, one can create and host a webpage with Vivokey Auth implemented that will in return confirm/deny the identity, then it can be forwarded to IFTTT with internal request. This way all security is on server side. You can do a lot of apps this way with Vivokey Spark 2.

So, you put your ndef webpage url in NFC, someone scans it - (it pings your server) it prompts for authentication with vivokey, if success it continues and triggers IFTTT or whatever is needed from the backend.

Any thoughts on viability of this approach? Since I don’t have the access to the API yet, can’t really confirm or deny.

Thanks in advance,

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I’m definitely interested in the integration possibilities.


I just checked the vivocoin demo app, and it seems it has what it needs with OpenID and Validation API. IFTTT covers a lot of IoT and similar services, VivoKey Spark 2 can be the way to securely use the IFTTT (or any other services this way).

As far as security goes, this does introduces one more point of risk, your own server the app is talking to. But under assumption it’s transferred securely via ssl, it should be ok.

As soon as I get my Spark implanted, I will start making IFTTT demo, and test the setup. I will also share the code.

On a side note, it would be awesome if there are react or vue boxes prepacked for use. Something similar as truffle boxes for ethereum blockchain development.

This can definitely boost the accessibility and ease of integration. Just an idea.


That’s what we like to hear

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Hey I like to contribute! :slight_smile: This community seems awesome anyway.


When you get into the Vivokey forum,There is mention of IFTTT in a thread Thread you might want to browse.
Here is the link for your future reference


This is where the IFTTT mention starts


Thanks for the links. Will be useful.

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