Impatience consumed me. As expected

That’s exactly what he meant, by outside.

I would agree that that would be the best spot, but I often rest my hand on that area. Would you imagine durability or comfort issues from installing there?

Do you mean you rest your right hand on that spot on your left hand, or do you mean you twist your left hand over so the top side of your hand is facing down and you put your hand down in that position?

That’s a lot of words that I’m not sure if I understand, but basically that picture. I rest both hands on the table that way some times.

giphy (4)


Is that weird? Maybe I’m not making sense or not understanding you, but that’s just my natural way of laying my hands down. Like that’s the way it grabs a mouse.

^^ this is where I am suggesting the chip go.

^^ this is the way I normally lay or rest my hands… This way leaves the “area just outside my pinky metacarpal” facing up and nowhere near the table or surface I’m resting my hands on… and for me this is the natural way I might rest my hand to grab the mouse.

^^ this way is what I thought you meant… with the top of the hand facing down and resting on the table… this would put a chip sitting just outside the pinky finger metacarpal directly down on the table or surface, which is why I think it’s a good position for a payment implant - it can easily be positioned to be used with terminals that are flat on a table or sitting completely vertically on a wall or kiosk.


Ahh that’s much higher on the hand than I thought it would be when speaking of the knife edge of the hand.

Is this also where you would place a big ol’ Flex chip?

yeah… it’s not the knife edge… there’s no word for it really… knife edge would be yeah the actual side of the hand… i just say “just outside the pinky metacarpal” … but there’s no word yet to describe this spot…

let’s name the spots… i’m a fan of zero base arrays and it kinda fits with the finger thumb theme… so;

If you are talking about the left hand knife edge, you would say L5… kinda like how dentists talk about teeth in your head… I have a flexNT at L8. I figure fingertips are self-explanatory and do not need numbers… but maybe we could expand this system to include them.

@Vicarious you will probably break such a numbering system idea hahaha but maybe we explore it to it’s fullest capacity? Post your arms here and I’ll take a shot at it hahahah


I’ve been meaning to ask about that for the Apex Flex… It wold just barely fit between the bendy bits on R8. unsure on how much strain it may put on things though

I have a feeling L8 would be a no go for me anyway with my tendancy to club my hand on every vertical and horizontal surface while I work.

I’m all for this numbering system as it makes discussing locations easier, of we can refine it is say add it to the faq


I think for any available flex that isn’t the FlexNT, 6-10 would be a no-go. The FlexNT is 22mm long to the Flex one Beta’s I think it was 35mm in length. I just have long fingers, so it might technichally fit me. I’m just not sure how I feel about having the imprint of something that large in my R1 or R2, which was the spot I originally had planned

Fuck, I only now realize what the L and R prefixes are referring to. I’m going to go have some coffee, paperwork is making my brain leak out of my ear.

I think I’ll be pondering L5 and the back of my wrist for Apex untill it is in my possession

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I was planning on putting a Spark at L3 and an xEM and R3. Would either of these interfere much with an Apex at L4/R4?

Technically we haven’t performed a bendy test yet… but if any part of it had to flex or bend the antenna section is the flexy bit… the chip section is, because of the mob package, not that flexible.

we may need to get a robot of some kind to do some flex tests on the antenna section… do like 1000 and check it… 10,000 and check again… that kind of thing. eventually the wire antenna itself will wear and break, if the polymer doesn’t start breaking down before that.

but… overall, the “flexibility” of a flex device is not necessarily to be able to flex regularly, but to be able to take blunt forces from outside that would temporarily deform the device while absorbing the impact, then return to its regular shape.

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yeah… the spark and apex max would interfere with each other… not in a signals way really, but more in a “i can’t get a read on the chip i want” kind of way… this is simply a geometry problem for the reader antenna, which is going to be quite large… it will probably be difficult to ensure the reader is positioned correctly over the actual chip you want to read if they are that close.

apex and xem would be fine next to each other like that though.


Well now I have so many thoughts about how many chips I want/need and where to put them… dang it all. This is gonna be a whole thing isn’t it?

“Honey, you know how I said I was going to get an implant in my hand, and you begrudgingly decided not to divorce me? how does… like… 6 or 7 of them sound?”

I imagine that it will be at least a LITTLE while before that convo needs to happen, and maybe it never will… but I certainly am seeing it as more of a chance now hahaha


What she don’t know, wont hurt you :wink:


TRUE, though might get tricky… “why do you have a bigass bandage on your hand?” “uh… er… I cut myself…uh… punching stuff?” “AGAIN? that’s like the 3rd time this year!”

I’ll need at least a few prepared excuses :stuck_out_tongue:

Bandages can come off in about an hour… basically once the bleeding stops for good, bandages can come off…


Well that certainly makes it easier haha.