Impatience consumed me. As expected

“pfffff… you should see the bear…” :muscle: :wink:


That would definitely get a laugh at least!

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Found someone local to to install the chips. Now I just need to sort out where I’m putting what. Oy. DECISIONS ARE HARD.

Right now I’m thinking the NExT in my left hand (between thumb and index, uh, position 0 I suppose?), and the Spark at spot 0 in my right hand, and then when Apex drops, get the flex version for somewhere in the back of my hand, maybe position 2 or 3?).

I keep waffling on if I want to implant the spark or wait and get an injectable Apex for that spot… I have a few days of shipping time to decide I guess!

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Remember, The spark2 as cool as it is, will probably not be an every day use, and once the Apex is out, even less so.
Personally I would save the R0 spot for a more frequent use… potentially the Apex Max if you don’t get the Flex.

My opinion.
Save your prime real estate for a convenience implant…

Remember, just because it is empty now, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it immediately

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Yeah that’s why I’m… hesitant… what would be a good spot for the spark though if I’m saving R0 for an Apex Max?

I am assuming there is no way to fit a Apex Flex in the 0 spot.

Not to make your decision harder, but my opinion anywhere…
It also depends on what you plan for the future, Spark 2 is still pretty powerful and depending on what you plan to do with it would depend on the priority positioning you give it… it would still be worth considering one of the back of hand positions.
Spark2 will become a backup but it is more than just that… have a look at the vivokey website and think about what you want it to do to compliment the Apex…
Sorry, not a helpful answer I know but

:love_letter: :wink:

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I WAS thinking maybe one of the back of the hand positions for it, but it just seems like it would show a lot and maybe not be super comfy? I have fairly large hands, but pretty darn skinny. not a lot of finger or back of the hand…uh… meat? For a flex I’m assuming that would work out (hence why I was sort of thinking of the Apex flex for one of those spots)… but… I dunno!

I can’t answer that, I don’t think anybody has tried it (as far as I am aware)
I wonder if the Flexibility of the position0 is ironically too flexible for the Flex and would cause “chaffing”; but a theoretical great spot for convenience. The rounded “edges” :upside_down_face: of the cylindrical xSeries is probably more suited to a higher mobility location…

Also the bonus of the Flex is that it allows you the…ummm… flexibility to place in other positions😏


Yeah I had planned to put the Spark in 0 and the Apex on back of the wrist so I might just stick to that.

That’s been kinda my plan, but I keep thinking “should I just get an Apex Max for R0 and put the spark somewhere else?!” over thinking it I’m sure, but what else am I gonna do while waiting for them to show up in the mail, right? :smiley:

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I’m still not sure how to conveniently scan it from that location though. At that point you have to move your entire arm to line it up with anything. Like trying to get it to read on a fast food credit card scanner seems like it’d be super awkward with it on the wrist.

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I assume you both mean Apex Flex on the back of wrist… not the Apex Max!
Otherwise I would suggest the other way around.
Max in 0 and Spark on wrist…
AND what @ThexTallxDude Said, well, at least not AS convenient

Yeah when I said the back on my hand/wrist, I mean the Flex version. for the spark, where in/around the wrist would work? I definitely don’t feel like I have a lot of space in that area for an implant that wouldn’t end up sticking way out or something. I dunno, maybe my brain just can’t process the actual size of the damn things yet compared to my hands? heh.

Draw scale model on a piece of paper or soft plastic, cut it out and do a test placement.
In fact for the XSeries, somebody on the forum did some Size scaled xSeries 3D printed chips and uploaded on thingiverse, let me find you the link to thread and thingiverse.
If you give me a while, when I’m back at a computer I can do one for the Flex series (of known dimensions anyway)

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I kinda dont want the Max form factor since I really would like the better antenna.

As for awkwardness to scan I dont think the back of the wrist would be terrible for paying I think the awkwardness would be door readers.

I would consider position 5 but part of me feels like I’d just fuckin annihilate it the second I fuck up and hit something with that part of my hand.


Here is the thread, and the 3D files contained within the posts

The FlexDF file is in there also, so I wont need to do one for you, unless the Apex Flex Has different dimensions…Which it COULD

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Oh awesome. thanks. might print a couple of those out later. That would be a massive help picturing how they’ll fit for sure.

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Yeah, great idea @raphael, ( if you are still around) thanks for sharing the files

am I crazy for starting to think “maybe I should just put the spark further down in my left arm”? backup for the vivokey account once the Apex is in, and I could use it for random things from there scanning on my phone easy enough, and I’d have the NExT in my left hand for access and nfc things.

thoughts? am I WAY overthinking all this? (probably haha)