Implant Addiction Is setting in ALREADY?

With the possible exception of opening up prime real estate for another chip maybe?


Like the NExT in one spot and the Apex Max in the other.
Pretty powerfull combo right there


Or… Hear me out… Picture a xM1 combined with an xEM! Can you imagine that! Quite proud of myself for coming up with the idea!

Or something like this prehapse @Pilgrimsmaster?


unnamed (24)
Amal reference ( hear me out )
pilgrimsmaster reference (2in1)

You should have drawn an AppleCAD diagram of an xEM & xM1 2in1
for a triple whammy :+1:



I thought the link should count as the 3rd “whammy” :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah but not @ChildApple

AppleCAD :+1:

Yeah, I thought the link was good… just no reference


You could use that, I prefer this one.


Ohh Russia… You be crazy.
I prefer the classics however :sweat_smile: although I am also find of this :smiley:


hand real estate is what I’m thinking about and the only reason i would even consider removing my 2 tags to replace them with a NeXT.
i’m a dark skinned man so i would like some feed back on the xLED series of chips as I want one and an Apex series for the next implants I get.
with the world on lock down at the moment i’m in no rush to order or consider my next chips. usually what i have been doing is ordering and having the order ship directly to my piercer but right now I’m not even sure if doing this is possible. i prefer to ship directly to my piercer so that there’s no question as to where the implant has been or how it has been handled after being shipped if he receives it directly


what I’m considering is the real estate in my left hand as i have xEM, xNT and xDF2 chips in this hand. my xDF2 started off being implanted in the knife edge of my hand but it migrated until it found a home in my wrist. there’s now 2 inches of travel that the xDF2 does regularly as it moves either forward towards the hand or rear just past the wrist when bent. so wanting both an Apex series and and xLED series of chip with the xEM and xNT removed for a NeXT then i can put the 2 other chips in place too without an worries of them being too close

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So the xNT and xEM are in the same hand but not right next to each other?

If this is the case the one consideration is multiclass readers. If you use a reader that works with both sides of the NExT it may have collision issues.

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my xNT and xEM migrated so that they sit about 10mm (3/8 inch) apart. the only use i have for my NeXT and such at this time is to start my motorcycle using a DT access controller. actually in case of extreme emergencies i can use the NeXT in my right hand to start my motorcycle as the access controller is mounted in such a way that i drop my left hand near my seat at my implants are read right thru my gloves and my motorcycle starts up.
i’m in a rush to get out my house but when i get back i will add the link to a short video i made about this feature


That is a very fair and valid point, But from my own experience however, It can just come down to how you physically approach the reader. I have a pretty good hit rate at my readers now.

I don’t think we have seen any examples, yet, so would be great to see how yours work out, if you take that route! Alternatively, the xSIID are apparently brighter, The bonus is the storage, the protocol AND the LED. Just a bit more expensive


starting my 2015 Harley XG750 motorcycle
near the end of this video after I do the walk around you will see me start the motorcycle. take a look at how dark skinned I am and they you will have a better understanding as to why I haven’t ordered an xLED or xSIID as of yet. it’s not the price it’s the practicality that concerns me more

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At about the 1:10 mark of the video you will see my hands as I begin to start my bike

I am purely guessing, as I don’t have any Blinkys, or dark skin, but looking at some other examples
If you zoom in, it looks very bright



So, apparently the xSIID is brighter than the xLED
and apparently


Hope that helps your decision, You might be the first darker-skinned person with implanted LED


Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster for your reply as it does appear that the green xSIID is the brightest currently available and soon as the world gets moving again I will be adding one to my implant collection for “shock value”. I do need to keep my hands available for other chips so its possibly going in my foreman.
I’m aware that the XSIID is available but don’t have any place or person to implant it yet so soon as I do I will be ordering one