Impossible to wipe hf 15 tag? (help please)

Hello guys,
look at this:

As you can see i tried changing uid (which failed because it is no magic tag) and also wiping it. Wiping it does repeatedly not work, also in the 2nd slower mode.
Is this normal? are there any locks on it?

ultimately my goal is to wipe or deactivate the tag. Is there any other way? It should not be readable anymore
Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you want it readable if you don’t mind my asking?

Does it need to be a techy solution, or would physically disabling the chip work?

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Because i want to replace it with another one. It needs to be techy because as of right now i can not reach the tag physically.

Any idea on why the simple “wipe” does not work? its really frustrating

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I don’t understand…

ISO15693 (NFC type 15) is a very broad standard, not every card can be rewritten or wiped, it appears this one may not be compatible with that command at this time


Would you mind sharing what it goes to? It might help give us an idea of what part of the tag is being used for authentication


to explain: im creating a wearable that contains a tag used to grant its authenticity. Now i received this sample from my supplier but it the tag is not fitting at all. I want to change it (not possible because its not a magic tag) or disable it and replace with my own magic tag to try out different id‘s.

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I just need to either wipe it completely or kill it tech wise. Please recommend ways to do so

I still don’t understand so I’m just going to throw this out there. Take a lighter and burn the chip. Those thing burn well. Fire kills everything.

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I would do that but like i said i can not physically reach the tag right now, it is embedded in the wearable. Burning it would mean burning the whole wearable, i can not do that

You have a photo of the wearable? You must have a way of removing the chip and antenna if you’re planning to replace it with a magic chip?


No, it is completely embedded in it. There is no way of taking out the tag without destroying or harming the product.

I found this product:

Would that be sufficient in this case? For this kind of tag that is shown in the photos above?

Its a good option, Have a read through this



i still can not believe it is impossible to wipe or rewrite it with pm3, pretty frustrating

The only PM3 commands I can think that might work, are:

‘hf 15 wipe’

I know you tried that, but there are a couple of suffixs you might need :point_up:
did you try those

i.e. adding your UID?

The only other option I can think that might work, but I havent tried it myself, is

My guess is, you set a password, and it won’t reply without the password being sent.
So that might achieve what you are trying to do…


Maybe I’ve missed something, but what makes you say it isn’t being wiped? I don’t see any mention of the memory contents (other than the UID which is read-only) remaining after running the wipe command. You seem to have decided that “wipe” actually means “permanently disable” rather than “erase the user memory”. I understand it would be frustrating when the device doesn’t work the way you expected, but it doesn’t really seem like a shortcoming of the PM3.

Have you read the datasheet for the ICS2602? Specifically section where it tells you how to use the DESTROY command? I don’t think the pm3 has that as a built-in function, but you should be able to send it using the “hf 15 raw” command.


Thanks for your input. I will also try this!

Thank you very much for your input! Will try! :slight_smile:

I have read the datasheet but i still can not quite figure out how i send the command.
Tag info:
command needed:

So its "hf 15 raw… and then?