Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

I know that I don’t look like my father when he was my age (he was balding) and his father was decomposed so I hope I don’t look like him.

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It’s time for uncle static_void’s Christmas special! (in July…)
Two weeks ago I finally got the flexM1 installed.

The BFN was autoclaved by a “medical friend”.
Due to potential indemnification issues with medical licensing, said friend understandably didn’t want much to do with the actual procedure.
The implantation was performed by another friend (CYA: Don’t do this, go see a pro) after much reviewing of other peoples procedures, under the mindset of “full send” and with the knowledge that “mad cyborg prosthetics” are available if we fuck this up too badly.

There were some mildly interested nursing students in the room during the process to observe and offer general guidance as well as the occasional “eww wtf”

There was a couple difficulties getting the chip in the hole, but this was down the the angle of insertion. Once it was in we used the back end of the needle to gently push it in which seemed to work well.


Everything seems to have healed well for the most part.

Current state of affairs (healing + "x-ray")

Two ibuprofen were taken a couple of hours after the procedure to dull the pain after the anesthetic wore off.
I believe we may have nicked a nerve as there is some residual numbness present between the insertion point and where the webbing ends between the index and middle fingers. I am hoping that this fixes itself over the next couple of months but if not it’s no great loss.

All in all: 5/7 with rice :slight_smile:


I really hope you didn’t autoclave your flex implant…



Big Fucking Needle :wink:


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Walletmor install today :heart_eyes:


It’s been a little over a month since installing my xG3v2. It healed nicely but the depth is quite shallow (although the location on my knifes edge was perfect) which has its pros and cons:


  • Better lifting strength
  • Better sensing (although this is my first magnet implant so I have nothing to compare to)
  • Easy to see where it is (easier to “probe” around for sensing)


  • Easier to catch on surfaces (hasn’t been a problem yet)
  • Slightly uncomfortable when I rest my hand on it (although that seems to be lessening)
  • Visually unappealing

I was stressed about the depth at first but it actually hasn’t caused any problems. I put on/remove tight gloves and reach into my tight jeans pockets many times a day on/with that hand and it hasn’t caused any problems at all. It even seems like the skin around it is “smoothing” out around it to make it less pronounced.


I think the “visually unappealing” bit might be because it’s different than what you’re used to. I can’t see it at all in those first two pictures.


9 minute video of me psyching myself up to do my first self install which took like 20 seconds.

Spark and magnet install with a little help.

Don’t use these videos as references on how to do things right…


I’m always impressed with people who do their own installs. I do not have the emotional fortitude for that!

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Awesome videos @turbo2ltr

I think one of the best things about them, were the “mistakes” , We all get to learn from those, be it our own or others.
So thanks for sharing :+1:

How long ago were those installs done?

Next time you should you should put a step by step guide on one of your many monitors
One step on EACH monitor :rofl:

One step on EACH monitor


The first xNT one was in 2018 2017 I think. Late Early 2018 I got an xEM install by @amal himself (and the only one in my right hand) and then the other 2 were mid 2019. I tried doing a self install on my right hand and just wasn’t going to happen. I don’t have the dexterity in my left hand to do it. There was actually a third that was supposed to happen in the 2019 session that my helper was going to install (he had done a self install) and I just wasn’t feeling it and aborted.
I have a NeXT, xLED an xm1+ and a flexEM sitting here waiting for install… I’ve been lazy and haven’t looked for a local installer.

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Bit of a cross post but a nice xseries install. It’s pretty clear so hope someone finds it useful.

I was installing a blue xsiid into my mother’s hand L0.

Funny as she’s a bit of a wimp but will sit through 8hr tattoo session :wink: chip was scanned after install and she even say the blue LED so was over the moon.


Short video of the replacement of my flexM1 with a flexDF2. No sound to stay below 8MB, and to protect the guilty :slight_smile:


Got my first flex implant installed tonight.


Aren’t the pointy ends supposed to be out for the FlexWolverine implants? :dagger:


When I posted it on discord I made the caption “Shittiest Wolverine ever!” LOL!


That appears to cross over the metacarpal bone?

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It doesn’t, it’s nestled safely between them. I can tell because when I run my fingers along both bones it doesn’t hurt, if I push in between it certainly does! LOL!