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Need you a 12.7x108-millimeter DShK round.

Edit: Not you personally, your shelf.

You guys are making me miss my Nagant :frowning: I used to have an M44 that was refitted with a fiberglass stock. It was a blast.

So the barrel exploded then? :slight_smile:

My fav is an old 16-gauge Lefaucheux pinfire with Belgium-made damasc barrels. It was my first restoration project when I was in gunsmithing school, so I have kind of a personal attachment to the thing. It fires smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s light (and - don’t tell 5-0 - :slight_smile: the stock is foldable for easy carrying). The only downside is, I have to reload my own pinfire shells.

Funnily enough, I hate taking my own creations out. I prefer taking someone else’s that have more history and more talent than I’ll ever have in em. Those damasc barrels for instance… I tried many times to forge something similar: I know the theory, and I tried my best to make the same ones, but really that’s a lost art. All my damasc barrel attempts ended up bursting.

Damn, I’m rambling again… :slight_smile:

Not the one that was run by PO Ackley?

I don’t know much about guns… The reason I mention Ackley is that my wife’s grandfather was a friend of his. Her grandfather was a jeweler by trade, but an amateur gunsmith as well. Ackley developed several wildcat rounds that became more mainstream, and ran a gunsmithing school, originally in Beaverton Oregon.

Dev, Was that you doing the install?

Because that’s not what your voice sounds like in my head…

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Yeah was me, well we can say that’s my posh voice :wink:


All I can say is that I’ve been talking to people from all parts of the UK area during the course of this pandemic, and Devil’s one of the few I can always understand no matter what time of day or what state he’s in.

Also as an aside, they can all understand me but I often can’t understand them. Sometimes they can’t even understand each other. What does that tell you?


Go far enough down south and I guarantee you a New Yorker will feel exactly the same way.

In all the countries I’ve lived in, it’s the same story - although I will say an extreme example of that is Belgium: there are many villages 10 miles from one another that plain don’t understand each other’s patois, both in the French-speaking southern and in the Dutch-speaking northern part of the country. For a country the size of an oversize football pitch, that’s quite remarkable.

Back in the 1980s, myself and a Cockney were roommates while studying in Liverpool. The BBC broadcast a drama set in Glasgow (where I was born, but I don’t have a specific accent) and various people complained that they couldn’t understand a word of “TuttiFrutti”.

Neither myself, nor my roommate had any trouble with the accents we heard.

I have had some Americans claim that they can’t understand my accent, but that seems odd to me. (My accent is a mix of various bits but is not geographically specific. Most people can’t place me, including some people from former colonies.)

When one hits you and the other will miss? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Dev:


I mean… I don’t know what a metric “mile” is :joy:
But I can only assume @anon3825968 is referring to a kilometer…

My Entry level US made gun can and HAS hit beyond a kilometer… try again :-p

(I’ve genuinely missed messing with rosco about metric system, glad to have you back buddy :slight_smile: )

No. Both will hit you with equal precision and accuracy. But on the US rifle, you can’t help but noticing the forend wood that’s touching the barrel that shouldn’t be touching there, or the huge-ass gap left to avoid that unwanted interference where a European gunsmith would have strived to leave 0.05 mm to 0.1 mm, or the too-light break-action, or the lack of reserve on the locking lever, or the coarse engraving (Americans marvel at any old engraving, even if they’re particularly poorly made or even machine-made, for reasons that completely elude me), or the gritty trigger, etc etc… Little things that separate a good rifle from a great one.

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I ain’t even biting :slight_smile: I’m perfectly comfortable using both when and where it suits me, unlike you guys :slight_smile:

Forend wood? How quaint haha

Hell, there are more than a few that they just removed the forend entirely,

I’m clearly team function over form

Ew, pass lol

This is actually a current struggle, I kind of want a semi decent over under, but no silver, or scrolling

I’m pretty sure ‘mil’ means a thousand so… a thousand e's?

I can’t separate form and function. There’s gotta be art and craftsmanship in a rifle. That’s an integral part of of the hunt: looking at a beautiful piece, marveling at its balance, taking pleasure at aiming and firing it.

European gunsmiths very often blue and engrave internal parts that the user never sees, and take care to line up the screws, just out of pride when another gunsmith removes the locks for maintenance. I like that. Not many products are built like that in this day and age.

I don’t think we’re taking about the same thing :slight_smile:

The art, is how well and reliable it performs its function…

Salt Bath Nitride being superior to even the nicest blue as an example, *for the stuff that I feel

Does professional blue or case hardening look nice? Absolutely… but I want durable

The road forked a while ago for the different camps