Install Videos and Pictures 🩸


i feel kinda sorry for that - maybe childish but still find it funny…^

I really don’t want to be the reason why people have to stay out this community :confused:

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Mate I promise that is light-years away from the most vulgar joke told on this forum.



It’s a good joke, I’m just trying to be funny too…

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I wasnt getting it :laughing: :gun: :heart: :heart:

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Installed my second implant this evening! Had an xNT for about a year now, put an xEM in the other hand, nothing fancy but I’m excited to play with the xAC - v2!

Self installed this time, found it a lot less stressful when I was in control of the situation for some reason.

…this was before I realized you take that paper off the bandage…

Also just wanted to shout out to the dangerous-things customer support, top notch as always.


Still fancier than most people.
and a great reason to have an xEM.

At least you realised

Yep, they are awesome.

It is all through the forum, and even a dedicated thread to it.


Here is the Fastcut version for you.


We will see if the Deepness was right…


First thing that’s gnarly I could never do self install in that location with that honker of a needle. Secondly, where’s the blood? :joy: I mean I’m definitely glad it didn’t bleed for your sake but with mine the injector way halfway filled with blood before the needle was even removed :sweat_smile:


check 7:21

I think it was because of the Shock

it started to bleed really late

on my finger xg3 the injector also filled with blood a little bit (just a few drops)


The Xg3 in the Finger was hurting a lot the Days afer.

I was eating lots of Ibuprufen and Paracetamol because of the Pain.

So far its NOT hurting! just itching a bit.


Did you not use lidocaine before the process?
…even my hand was sweating just by watching it…


I injected some lido - wasnt numb - i should have waited longer and inject more - but i noticed when the needle was already in.
They loose sharpness so easy and that would be less clean so i continued
Was numb enaugh i guess.
Was painful though
Xg3 V2 - Whats the status

In my finger i instalation i injected 4ML - here just 0,6ml of 0.5% solution

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Aah, is that the reason it wasn’t bleeding?
Anyways, :+1: Atilla thinks it was a decent job.


I think it was because of the Shock (dont know if it is called so in english)

Maybe other self installers can tell if they also had really few bleedings^


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Pure wrist payment conversion,
No lido or pain management, like a 6/10 until it broke thru then it was like a 2/10

In retrospect should have gone deeper according to Amal, oh well live and learn


we need a thread of just bloody accidents or installs that just got too messy - might be an idea for the supporters only :smiley:

i honestly would love to look at peoples ‘gore’ to make me feel better about how bad mine are at the end.

I always feel like im doing a crime scene clean up.


One more! =D


I needed to something to keep my head busy - so i took the v2 vid and zoomed it a bit so you can see better what i was doing xD

insert nsfw install blood whatever warning here.


main cam had full storage and didnt record :frowning:

now there is just the webcam footage

Okay, i got some sleep and now im able to give some more details :slight_smile:

It was a Bevel Down job, done without lidocaine injection.


I hardly felt anything! the pliers on the skin were the bigger discomfort then the needle going in - i was also surprised how small the needle is :upside_down_face:

DIRECT after the installation i was able to get constant reads and see the light!

In the beginning it was green, then it was red for like 15 min and then it went green again.

My goal was to bring it as close to the dermal layers as possible, so i can get good reads - and i think i have succeed - now i need to play the Waiting game to see if it is too close to the skin :pleading_face:

I do not recommend self installation, get it done by a trained Installer!

Did they let u keep the g3 or did u have to send it back?

They left it with me. Probably a good idea not to take returns on stuff that stuff gets stuck into you.