Is this normal?

So I installed my NExT today. Install overall went pretty well. I’m uploading a video and I’ll tag it here when done. LF125 programs pretty cleanly. NFC is fine too, even with my OtterBox.

The question though is, is the following normal?

I’m already planning other installs and trying to decide what comes next… Like, seriously? I just installed this one!

Also, can I just say that I’m super impressed with @Amal and DT. Their customer service is awesome. Their packaging is top notch. And seriously, sweet freaking devices.


Yes, this is perfectly normal. The DT orbital mind control lasers have locked onto you now and are feeding you suggestions.

There is an entire thread about how awesome DT customer support is.

Review of Dangerous Things


The orbital lasers are better than the vaccine 5g.

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What are you considering?
Do you need a hand to decide?
Do you have a use case?

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14 in and I don’t really have a plan or use case.


He has two to choose from! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good choice, I got the same one. I’m buzzing in and out of work with it all the time and I’m surprised nobody has really caught on to the fact that I’m not using my ID card. What are you using it for?


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