Ive searched..... Found not really Anything

What does the spark 2 do?, I cant even log into the forum with it…

try this and let us know if you have any issues

Check out the FAQ on this page,

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ok… still doesnt open the forum, the just goes to the profile and doesn’t let me in once scanned.

doesnt work, none of it does except the card profile

tried it multiple times, it doesnt work.

doesnt work

it just shows the profile after and doesnt sign in

let me find you a recent post or 2, some people were having issues, standby

and the the app freezes and when you try and go back into the app it just automaticlly sends you to the profile again

Try this

I will send you another one to try also

Are you android or iPhone?

Try this thread from this post down

android. it doesnt work. so now i have this brick in my hand

Not yet mate, we will get there…
Do you have any problems with me making this conversation public, we can use the hive mind rather than just ours?

sure. give it a go.

i got it to work. i unistalled and reinstalled

The good ol’

off and on

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