Jail w/ Implants - Laws, etc?

Hey folks. Using a throwaway account for obvious reasons - not that I don’t trust you guys, but this is the internet after all.

I recently ran into some legal trouble, and it’s entirely possible that my sentence may include a short stay in the county jail. That’s up to the judge, ultimately, but it’s a distinct possibility.

Does anyone have experience with incarceration and implants? I imagine it’s unlikely they’d even know I had them, but if they did, would there be any ramifications? It’s not like they could easily remove them, and I also can’t even think of any nefarious uses for Spark 2s, nexts or magnet implants without utilizing any other technology.

This may be uncharted territory (I mean, I hope it is), but I’m curious if y’all have experience, or thoughts/ideas at the very least.


I have a contact that used to work in the jail

You might find this interesting.

There’s some other info on the same case floating on the net. That being said, being in the right is a small comfort when a beauracracy grinds you into the dirt.

It was talked about a while ago in this thread, it might interest you:

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I certainly did. Interesting that it showed up on their radar because of another inmate. And I take it the reasoning to push for removal was… because it wasn’t listed in the personnel file? Seems like an arbitrary abuse of power, imo.

It does beg the question, though: if do end up having to do a short stay, am I required to disclose that I have implants? And if I don’t and they’re discovered somehow, is there a chance the court will see it as an attempt to smuggle something in, or some such deal?

I’d rather not deal with it at all and just fly under the radar if at all possible.

I have implants and if I was to be pressured to have them removed in a jail I’d say no because I have basic human rights to what I paid to have put in my body. F the system!

I agree, I’d just refuse to go to jail


They would be easily removed, if required, but the main point is, without further technology they are in effect, inert. Therefore no risk to security.
Besides, The Security they SHOULD have in place, SHOULD mean an implant would be of no use in the aid of escape.


THIS is the best plan


That’s a great question for your lawyer. If you are not specifically asked on an intake form if you have any implants or medical devices, then I would omit that information and not disclose their existence to anyone including other inmates.


I’d be ok with complying with jail time but I’d refuse to have anything removed from my body my body my choice


Well if anything the implants would be able to help the cops keep track of the inmates so it just makes zero sense to remove them I think they do it to be abusive with their power but we as citizens have our basic human rights jail or not

I agree with asking your lawyer. Any advice will be privileged, so even if you don’t follow it, no one but you and your lawyer will know what you were told.

In Australia, at least where I live, you are required to advise of any medical devices. I don’t believe there is an offence for not doing so (but it could be a jail discipline offence, although I would doubt it). I would suggest most people would likely disclose medical issues for their own safety and because depending on what it is it may result in a reduction in sentence (as jail would be harder, hence the court mitigates the sentence) and an easier time inside (as you may be in a medical ward or lower security setting).

Ultimately, at least here, I can’t see you being required to remove implants unless they are a security threat (which yours are not). Our Human Rights legislation is nowhere near as tough as the US Bill of Rights, and I would suggest even our legislation would be sufficient to prevent any orders for removal being made.

I would just keep quiet.

Keep in mind, the example I showed is probably a asshole jailer on a power trip.

Keep quiet. Cause no fuss.
Be invisible.

But just for clarity. I’ve no experience in a jail. I just know not to be the sqeaky wheel in that kind of situation.

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I wouldn’t say anything about my chips unless to my doctor perhaps if needed. I don’t live in Australia and no offense probably best I don’t because their requirements are a bit too extreme for me. I’d never want to feel like I had no freedom to choose for myself when it comes to basic human rights. I think Australia is a beautiful place but I am glad I don’t have to be forced to follow their rules…

Ya if I was in jail I’d never talk about anything personal there because jail is basically hell. Love your profile pic I have Betta fish too. I have koi Bettas

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At least it isn’t prison.

So, I used to be a correctional officer.

I remember asking people if they had any medical implants we needed to know about.

Tbh, if someone would have told me they had an RFID chip, I wouldn’t have cared or made any note about it. I didn’t ask them about body mods. During the strip search, we remove all jewlery, and make sure you aren’t trying to keester anything in.

Realistically, I wouldn’t tell anyone behind bars you have them either. The inmates might have more of an issue with it, or you have the one guy who may think it is the mark of the beast and wants to help you get it out.

Likely. I would agree. I was thinking it would be dominoes in the penis. That was big a while back to shape adominoes and put it in the weiner.

Idk. Just keep to yourself in there as much as you can really, don’t get involved in POD/cellblock politics if you can help it.

Also! Our local county jail has a work release unit. Ask about that so you don’t lose your job. They keep their real jobs, but have a separate housing they come back to when they are not working.


As with most things related to the law, I would suggest not saying anything unless directly asked about it. I had a recent vacation in jail, and they ask about tattoos and that kind of thing, and do a metal detector on your way in, but these implants (at least the chips, not sure about magnets) are not strong enough to be detected by standard detecting. Otherwise, I never encountered any sort of situation that had the potential to require me to discuss my implant, nor did I choose to bring it up with inmates or anyone else.


3 Months?
From July -September?

Haha, no, like 10 days in early september :slight_smile:

It was just a stab in the dark looking at your activity.

10 days… that sounds more like an inconvenience rather than a punishment…but I would still rather not do it