KBR1 bluetooth conversion

Hey folks!

I’m thinking about a way to convert the KBR1 into Bluetooth.

Why? I’ve more than one computer, and I use three different OS (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and I’ld like to be able to use the KBR1 in all of them to logging without the need to mess with many cables and connections. Ideally, it should have a device selector number like the Logitech keyboards, but let’s start with baby steps.

I saw there is a few options in Aliexpress but not sure if it works for the same purpose.

I’ll try to look into it soon and wondering if anyone already did something similar.


Funny you should ask,

How about this as an option?

Since I saw that project, I have wanted to make one, and I only just started it just a couple of weeks ago, The problem is, I didn’t quite finish it before I left home for a month, I have it 90% complete.

But looking forward to getting it completed

I considered adding a battery to it, but that may be pointless :thinking:

That’s a very good project, I’ll take a closer look on that one! Thanks for share!

O don’t think a battery is useless if the idea is get rid of the cables, I’m also have this in mind for the project :slight_smile:

@Rosco ( @anon3825968 ) has built a couple of cool readers

heres one of the readers

and an awesome Mod to that

a bit more pricey, but sn elegant solution.

Anybody not aware of Roscos work.

Check out his projects, he has made and shared with the community a bunch of awesome stuff

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