Lidocaine, the DEA, and you

-=- this is not legal or medical advice -=-

Our PMK contains lidocaine. Contrary to popular belief, lidocaine is not a prescription pharmaceutical here in the United States. It is not on any US Drug Schedule because it is not considered a controlled substance here.

Here is the entire scheduled substances list from the FDA;

Here is the same list from the DEA website;

Here is the Controlled Substances Act circa 1970;

Here is the Department of Justice’s Q&A about prescriptions that detail what requires a prescription (scheduled drugs);

As can clearly be seen, cocaine is on these lists and it is a controlled substance, but lidocaine is not. Both are from the same “caine” family of chemicals, but they have different effects. That’s why cocaine is a controlled substance and lidocaine is not. There is no confusion - lidocaine is legal to own, sell, and use.

Practicing medicine is illegal

What is not legal is for someone else to administer lidocaine to you (inject you). That would be practicing medicine. However many patients who use lidocaine injections for treating various conditions including certain heart problems frequently self-medicate with lidocaine USP injections they perform themselves.

If you are using lidocaine in any form, please be very aware of dosing requirements and signs of overdose.

-=- this is not legal or medical advice -=-