Lodestone: PICO

Biomagnets are a particularly fascinating upgrade as nothing else really couples so directly with your nervous system in terms of proving direct feedback. Typical sensory uses of such implants are passive: you’re feeling electric current flow or discerning whether a material is magnetic. The PICO is a tool that lets you explore the active potential of them using USB Audio. Feeling music is a great place to start your exploration but when you can generate wave forms that are only intended to be felt, the experience changes and its potential is limited only by what you can conceive. Feeling morse code, for example, can offer a discrete and unobtrusive form of communication.

Typically, when a USB Audio device such as the PICO is used, it will be the sole output for that device. There are tools for various platforms that allow you to pipe them to multiple outputs simultaneously or to specific ones that might be worth exploring for some use cases.

The Haptic Lab in Axel’s ZINC app is a fun tool that can help you understand what wave forms and intensities you respond to. This will help you along the path of exploring use cases and developing your projects. It also features a suite of standardized tests that can quantify your sensitivity and contribute to the over all knowledge and efficacy of various implant placements.

Care to share you PICO experiences and projects?