M31 revival? Not yet, just letting you know though

DT is an LLC… VivoKey is a class C corp with SEC requirements for investors to be “qualified”.

As for Patreon… I signed up with my email address only… it should be an option.

Gotcha… well I hear that and I think I have an idea. I’m exploring crowdfunding plugins for my ecommerce system. I like this idea because it let’s me set a goal and we can all watch progress. This will be good for the magnets but also for things like “let’s get an EO gas sterilization system” kind of projects.

As for PayPal and fees, Bitcoin helps solve that… if you have an exchange.


Somewhat actually.

What about an m31t lottery for Patreon supporters?


Oh, without a doubt!
It’s something I’d love to have + support you financially with, just not a viable thing for me to buy one outright :slight_smile:


So what I’m hearing is that we should just mail Amal envelopes with cash. No middleman!


Ah, that’s a difficult one…
I’d like to have the poly one, if the titanium is forever and ever out of reach, but… I still don’t freakin’ know where to place it!

That is a nice idea for people who want to support you, but are currently unable to throw 500,- at you! Maybe it would be a good idea to put an opt-out for the lottery, though - I’m willing to pay the 500,- and leave the winning option for those enthusiasts who can’t, guess the more people get the opportunity to get a m31t, the better :wink:

You’ve got one crazy community over here, I think :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 for the opt-out.
I really don’t care for the magnets, but I’d like to help in a patreon-style-thingy :smiley:


Do you accept Silvercoin?

Er… That’s the understatement of the decade.

May I remind you that we’re a bunch of people clamoring for more and more weirdo gadgets from DT to happily cut ourselves open and stick under our skins? That’s not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination.

Nothing really surprises me here. I’m astonished that Amal of all people should be :slight_smile:


Hehe, yes… indeed :smile:
Sometimes I just forget that this might seem slightly unusual to the casual observer…
To me, this all feels just perfectly normal :stuck_out_tongue:


People who strive for normal create boring.
People who strive for something unique, whatever that is to them, create exceptional.

Think of big names.

Bobby Fischer
Henry Ford
Kanye West
Bruce Lee
Sun Tzu

All of them definitely not normal, yet each exceptional in some way.
God bless the nutbags of this world. They might just show us something awesome.


Seriously… Kanye West? How 'bout Einstein, Beethoven or Da Vinci?


Love him or hate him, he has gone big, done impressive things, pushed the boundries. He could have gone all normal and his biggest accomplishment would have been being “Grille Dad” at BBQ’s

Not all exceptional people are great people. Henry Ford was a flaming racist. He still performed exceptionally.

No way I could have listed all people either great or exceptional.

But I will throw out Pythagoras and Archimedes. Those dudes were working with nothing and look what they pulled off.

I don’t hate nor love Kanye West, nor do I deny he’s big time and he might be some kind of genius in his own way. But you know what? If you can’t see the difference between him and Einstein or Da Vinci, I’ll just leave it at that because… well, I’m lost for words :slight_smile:

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Exceptional is exceptional. Some are more than others, but all are still exceptional. Acknowledging one is not denigrating another.

Might be a good idea. I don’t want this to become a thing that divides.

Hm, I’d just throw in the general term “artists” here - no matter if you like them or not, they all do something that has some kind of impact. It gets people thinking, talking, discussing, making up their minds. So I think every artist contributes a lot to the world, in a way.

And, talking about music - if I had to choose one I’d take Freddy Mercury, simply for being an incredible personality :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, some artists paint those pictures of sailboats that you find displayed in cheap motels. Bulk art.

Let’s bend this back to magnets.
Amal is producing artistry.
Amal the Artist.

And the modder putting it in - and we, decorating and upgrading our bodies. Artception?^^

I don’t have the money :frowning: FUCK

The problem is here, since Corona the reduce the worktime a bit. Normally i work offical 30 hours a week - the most times it was 35 - 38 hours and we get paid all 4 month. So 700 Euro more. Know I work often only 25 - 30 hours - sometimes 32 hours a week. We get the full payment - but its annoying, if yo don’t get more extre money.

Also I need to buy new lock fpr the door - happy that our old lock with keys doesn’t work good anymore, sometimes its difficult to open the door… Best chance to get a RFID Lock. Car Insurance is also coming in September, I payed every three month about 400 Euros - its expensive to have a car in Austria.


I’m in the same situation mostly. Gonna hafta take hardcore measures to get financed. I’m not selling a kidney or anything, but given that this is likely a one shot deal, you do what you gotta do.

We might have a bit yet. No dates announced and it takes time to set something like this up. Maybe with extra discipline and a touch of temporary austerity? That’s my plan. Can’t get a loan on this kinda thing, I’m sure. Credit card? I might put a few things that I don’t need up for sale as well. Nothing important, stuff I’ve been planning to sell anyway.

What’s the timespan here?
When will this go down?
Do I need to freak out now and get a credit or can I save up for 3 months?

Do I have some time once it’s released or will it be sold out in 1 hour?
Can it sell out? We do save up for a big batch right?

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Definitely! Always a good idea :wink:

I guess that all of us who say that we desperately need one will get one - I mean, that’s the whole point of adding up people and collecting the money^^ So I think if you get added to the list here, you’ll get one. Question though - what happens if we get more than 20 people together? Should be no problem, I hope :wink: