M31 revival? Not yet, just letting you know though

My hunch is that Amal will release a polymer-coated magnet as a stopgap product (and to shift his stock of magnets :slight_smile:) and if funding happen, the long-term replacement will be something totally different - Ti-coated magnet, possibly.

So depending on what you want, hurry up or take as much time as you want.

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Yes that’s what I fear. This deal is too good to miss imo.
I guess I’ll have to have the money ready and press buy as fast as I can once I see it xD
Will get that done tomorrow… if I get a credit I maybe just get 2 then right?

Surely the m31t ^^

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To be honest, I will buy one of these, and install Unique Feeling Object :flying_saucer: one first. Maybe never install the tritanium.

Reason 1. I have never had a sensing magnet. If the only thing available in the future is the UFO, then I can happily have equal senses in both hands. I would never know what I am missing.

Reason 2. If these turn out super amazing, but it is a one time run, I don’t want to miss my chance at having one. Depending on when/if they are made, I might order 2, so i can put these in a fingertip on each hand, I just think the UFO is too big for how rough I am to my hands to sty stable. (In the tip)

Worst case I end up with one or two, I resell at a slight profit in a few years.

Edit: I also like the idea of more surface area of the :flying_saucer:

Uh… that’s getting a bit risky for me, especially considering timezones and stuff, so…
@amal could you pleeeease confirm that at least the handfull of lunatics posting here about their desperate need for a m31t and their willingness to pay for it with their soul (or, alternatively, 500,-) will get one? If this is a one-time thing, I might be veeeery sad if I’d miss it…

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I feel as though I’ve joined a gathering of junkies anxiously waiting for their pusher at the street corner. This is all a bit disturbing frankly…


My panic spreads :slight_smile:


Need a fix, must go get money.

Anybody else feel like they just retired a beanie baby? Pretty sure the numbers were for a Minimum order, and seeing as there hasn’t been enough time to order yet, that number can be changed. Relax, gather cash, throw it at Amal.

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Not at this time:

probably… soon? ish? I still have calls to make and some discussions to be had but that should be done by the end of this coming week… so yeah if it’s happening at all it’s probably happening some time soon after the 7th.

like a typical crowdfunding effort, there is no selling out… we are batching our orders so I can get a production minimum together… but any excess qty will be fine and included in the run.

we get more magnets yay! it’s really just about rounding up everyone into a group and committing the monies.

not likely… working with polymer on magnets is a huge pain in the ass… magnets stick to shit… jump out of jigs… can’t be placed near each other or they snap together… it’s a serious pain to work with magnets in general, which has been a lot of the pain when dealing with various coating attempts. I want the Ti magnet option more than polymer… but… I think what’s doing to happen here is if we do not reach the goal, I will offer people the choice of a refund - fees or half a refund and a polymag and get to the slow tedious work making polymags for people who opt for it.

hah yes, if I launch the funding page and you buy-in, as long as we reach the goal you will get your m31t :slight_smile:


I’m starting to feel like if someone decided to offer financing for these they’d make a decent amount of money lol


I’d love to, but I am not gonna vote, can’t afford it :confused:

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*sigh of relief *
Okay, now I’m a calm and soon-to-be-magnetized lady again :smiley:

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how would these affect going to the gym? I feel like constantly grabbing metal bars with magnets in your fingers wouldn’t be too good

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When the time comes, if you want, I can likely pay you in silver. Caveat being if refund time comes, you refund me in silver also.

my 2 oz edc.

Lol. I just looked that up. I’ve never heard of it before. What kind of pyramid scheme is this?

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yeah probably not great… though some people have placed them slightly to the sides of their pads and griping surfaces… or in the case of the pinky finger, learned not to grip with that finger… it’s incentive to strengthen the rest of your finger grip I guess?

haha naa… I’m willing to trust the subjective value of fiat for the convenience of liquidity.

This is what I’m debating doing. Getting a magnet in my pinky and then just learning not to use that finger for gripping things. It’ll be a fun rock climbing exercise lol

Holy Shit, I am with @anon3825968 on this.

You guys are hyped up like a bunch of junkies waiting for their next fix…

I’m happy for you all, but Geez…


Also I will shift the Polls to a separate Thread so It is not lost amongst the…Discussion :wink:


I’m in no place to be spending any money, but even I’m considering it! This is a super limited opportunity! @amal, will they be vapor coated or will the shell be thick enough to provide some strength as well? I feel like a .5mm shell of Ti should add some strength.

No, solid machined titanium casing laser welded and polished. Real deal medical grade shit.