Magnet not working?

So I bought the magneto bundle and put in the magnet on right hand and the NExT and the Vivokey on left hand. I out them in yesterday and took bandages off today and nothing seems to be sticking to the magnet? Anyone else ever have this issue?

The field of the xg3v1 is pretty narrow, it took a while before the swelling went down and mine did anything

Give it some time

But it’s also not overly strong either so don’t expect a lot of magnetic force

I was wondering if the swelling played a part. I just wanna stick some bottle caps and small screws there :joy:

I haven’t had great luck with my v1 in holding any objects, but others have…

I’m probably going to upgrade to a v2 sometime in the near future the v1 isn’t and wasn’t designed for lifting purposes so not the magnets fault

Mine is actually the V2 I believe since ei just bought the bundle and it still doesn’t seem to hold anything

The V2 is newer than the V1 but it is not an “improved” version of the V1, it is actually a different version altogether.

I believe the bundle comes with the V1 ie. MORE sensing rather than lifting
So limited lifting would be expected compared to the V2

I hope this clears that up for you!?


As pointed out in the post below, it is actually the V2 in the bundle
MY BAD :-1:

it says here it should be the V2

My apologies, the last I looked, I thought it was V1…
Ignore my last.

How fresh is your install?
Swelling will affect your lifting ability.
Also depth of placement, thickness of skin…

Check out this thread for some realistic expectations after you have fully healed

Install was yesterday, depth of placement id guess standard? Put it under the layers in the recommended spot on right hand. And I’d also guess I have thick skin being on the thicker side myself



give it a couple of weeks to heal, and you will be like magneto himself


I actually laughed when I read that