Mikroe NFC USB Dongle help

hi all - i have this sucker

and using the included demo software, i can scan a tag and light my xLED / xSIID like nobody’s business. the things light up like mad!

problem is, i have NO CLUE how to edit the programming on board. i want to be able to just have it plug into a usb power source and light my stuff up with no software needed. just ready to go.

help anyone? direction?

I mean look at this power!


Currently, I have no Blinky,

But I would likely be keen for the Implant that shall not be named because it hasn’t been officially named or announced by Amal yet

That product looks like a viable base to build off for this project.

If I was putting one together from off the shelve parts, I think that’s where I would start, or at least some testing

The Peer-to-Peer could be a neat little function


Peer-to-peer mode establishes a two-way communication channel between a pair of NFC-enabled devices. When a user brings two devices close to each other, the two NFC chips establish a P2P connection and exchange data.

You probably want to get the attention of an EE like @Devilclarke or @Satur9

@darthdomo may also have an idea or two

Does it identify as a PC/SC reader in the Device Manager? Does NFC Tools Desktop recognize it?

It’s likely going to be very difficult to override the firmware on the LPC11U24 because they would have locked the bootloader.

I ordered one. We’ll see what I can figure out


This thing is a treasure, good find.

It recognized every tag I threw at it, including ISO 15. The example code is not PC/SC compatible, so it doesn’t work with NFC-Tools. I might take a look at it at some point after I get eclipse setup, but if you want to get it running asap you’re gonna be dipping your toe into the wide (and tear-inducing) world of embedded development! Go set up eclipse, import the example, and pick it apart until it just polls continuously as long as power is supplied.

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yeah i love mine - the original version of the demo works with pc just fine - the one you get off the site now is v1.3.
NXP-NCI_PN7150_LPC55xx_example.zip (557.4 KB)
PN7150-1.1.zip (5.4 MB)
SW4335.zip (2.0 MB)

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