Minimmum age to install an xnt chip

I am a 13 year old Australian who is looking to get an xnt chip. i know I will not be getting it for a while, but i would like to know what a general minimum age is for one of these. I am aiming for 16.

edit: we are in Australia
Edit 2: corrected details about age and such, to more accurately represent the situation. Apologies for misleading you.

What country and or state does he live in?

Differs from place to place.

Ultimately it will come down to the piercer.
if he has parents consent that will make it easier, signing a waiver even easier…

My personal opinion if he/you/ parents can afford to, get the NExT instead.

2 chips in one
High and Low frequency.

It ALSO has free posting in USA/ canada

All depends on your local laws, and what your local body mod artist will do

Expect some pushback till 16 or so


One of my implants in my knife edge of my left hand is a xEM

Should have done a next to get even more function
(I also have a next lol)
You can also get The cyborg bundle for 50$ which is a xNT and a xEM, but the next us 80 and both in one implant

And free postage for the NExT!!!
So price difference is marginal

My opinions are pretty much a summerizz action of the others here.
Have him consider a NExT instead because it is just plain better for a very small price difference.
Minimum REQUIRED age will vary between country and state but will mostly be whatever the person implanting it is comfortable with. I got mine at 18 and this seems to be a common number but I believe that 16 could be acceptable if the parents are alright with it and proper thought and research has been put through first

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Thanks! i myself was thinking about getting one too, and have already talked to his parents about getting it at 16(they are fine with it). We will be surprising him with a kit and getting it together. we will be getting a next as sugested. thanks!



If you’re comfortable with saying your state, there are a few of us Aussies here who can recommend a local professional. Their minimum ages vary by studio and state, so I’d contact the best local studio and ask their minimum age and trust their judgement on it.

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nsw, the paramatta area of sydney

I think it would be time to phrase a̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶i̶c̶i̶a̶l̶… ehm, commonly accepted point about minimum age.
This question keeps returning. I find it to be a good thing, but perhaps it would be even better if we could point to a link in the forum (at least) where we unfolded this question and agreed on an answer.
I know… legal age of this and that changes once you cross a boarder… but maybe we should give it a go. The human body doesn’t change wether you born either side of an imaginary line.
So how about a discussion from the point of the human body?

Any other young people?
It was discussed rather heavily here

…aw, I read the whole topic before, but it totally leaked out of my memory :S
Still sort of missing the agreement bit.
I’d love to see reasonings about scars, migration, risks of damaging the implant due to rough and tumble play, where to pull the line…i.e.: glass chip is fine in L/R1 for a 16y/o, but flexNeXT is not in forehead for a 12y/o.

Or should we give guidance individually to those responsible guys who come here to ask this question?

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The problem I think is that age is a poor indicator. There are many factors affecting body growth, maturity is not linear, not every kid does the same sort of rough and tumble. In adults these settle down but for kids its the Wild West.

It really needs to be an individual assessment, guided also by parental consent, and local laws and installer policies. We’re a diverse group with different experiences, living in different locations and cultures - while we can reach some general consensus for adults (not completely though, see self install debate), I can’t see it happening for kids.


What you say is true, but I disagree with your reasoning!

…yet they can have earrings, and what if they rip it out, or spaghetti monster forbid - it gets stuck in the jumper when they dress…
You can make up situations about what can go wrong.

If each state can agree that ear rings or philtrum piercings (that leaves scar for the f ever) are okay from age 16, but nipple removals are not okay, we (the cyborg community) should be able to do the same. full stop…

Despite all that people are still allowed to use GUNS to pierce ears…

So there is a long way to go to educate.

I guess nobody dares to take the responsibility to say:
-This is right, here is a line, this is wrong.
Especially not as an individual. And that is fine.
(…if I was a physician or a GP I would write down my point from medical perspective, because as a parent that is what I would care, the cultural background and so is determined by me as parent anyways. But as a photographer I don’t have authority in this particular topic.)

Maybe all we need to do is to leave that metaphorical door open to those who dare to ask for advice, and I can do that regardless of my trade.

Not just maturity of rough and tumble but maturity in general, with expectations and responsibility.
The Op of this topic is actually the 13 year old, not a nephew.

His way of holding himself is a stark contrast on another 13 year old we know on the forums.


In what way?(hopefully not too bad)

no it is good, you hold yourself well.
Not saying you should stick stuff in your hand at 13, but we are still happy to have you here.

We have had some trouble with another 13 year old that really showed he was not just physically ready for an implant (13) but maturity wise, definitely not ready

Also yay! another aussie

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I’m definitely not physically ready, (waiting on puberty) but I’ve been looking into this for the last 6 months and finally built up the courage to go on the forums.


I think it is important you added. :+1:

My thought process was:
You can get implant if you are matured enough and your body is ready.
You are matured enough if your parents decide so until you hit 18/21.
Your body is ready if doctors think so.
Your government agrees with doctors :point_right: Legal age.
Your piercer agrees with your parents :point_right: Consent.
Your piercer is bind by the law :point_right: Regulation = Legal age + Consent

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