Multiple NDEF Records (ANDROID)

Can an android user remind me,

If you write multiple ndef to one tag, say 2 or 3 links

Will android OS show you 3 system notifications?

Mine doesn’t, only the first NDEF

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Same answer even if each one is a different ndef format?

One link,

One phone number,

One sms prompt?

It’s possible but the first entry can’t be a URL. I don’t know about other types of data but if the first record is in plain text, Android will display a list of all of NDEF records.


Interesting, I keep a link and some text on mine, but with the link first

However, upon swapping them, my system still only attempts to handle the first NDEF record, trying to find an app to open the text in and simply ignoring the link now

Maybe it depends on the phone manufacturer/flavor of android?

It is not as clean as what I assume you are hoping for, but, you could have the multiple records options stored, and the “public one” that you want to share as the first record ( business card etc.) and others for your personal use.

I made an example, using NFC Tools, I did 3, but could have kept going until I ran out of my 868 bytes

1st record was a simple text one “First Record”
2nd record a url first
3rd record a VCard for @Eriequiet
( It would have made more sense for me to do the link or Vcard first as an example, but it was simply for demonstration purposes, i’m sure you get the idea )

When I scan my implant, I get the text record to share.
If I want to access the other records, I can open NFC Tools to see and intereact with my other records