My lung implant :)

I was a little skeptical, but just cause its 1 in a million doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I swear if you look at the video you can draw a straight line from the needle to the vein in your wrist. That’s crazy. Glad there were no serious complications.


yep - im in the “im glad you didn’t have a problem worse than it moving to a new home” congratulations on being one in a million.

ps those videos are really fricken cool to watch, Thanks for sharing!

like i said earlier - the biggest worry is that this could put a dark mark on implants - one more thing to add to the warning label. i appreciate the cool vids, the nice story and the conversation - and maybe next time - get a flex something installed, they would probably be much less susceptible to a magic-school-bus- ride through your innards.




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Since I posted here, I deleted from YouTube to reduce the chances my son finding out the outcome of the adventure


You have no need to be.


I truly hope you don’t feel attacked.
There are alot if people here that sit more in the skeptical side because of… well…many Internet related reasons.

But a large contributing factor is, this was your first post and right out of the gate, there was this fantastic/ fantastical thread.

To add to that, we actually have a thread dedicated to “grand claims”
Have a read and you will see why there is such a call for proof from some.

For what it is worth, to me your post does not read like any of theirs.
I assume English is not your first language, yet your post is far more clearly structured…
I dont think it meets Roscos criteria either

Be it fact or fiction, either way a great story.

Anyway thanks for the share and I hope you can provide Amal with all the information you have available.

I hope the above has captured the essence of our forum here


after all, I think I would be feeling better if I haven’t posted at all.

but I found very interesting and challenging the feeling of the virtual lynching. Thank you for this unique experience

Thanks for posting the info and videos. Sometimes people can become very defensive of this fragile industry of biohacking. Dangerous Things takes your case very seriously and we are very much looking forward to a medical write-up so that we may add this possibility to the list of potential risks.


I appreciate the post. I look forward to following your case. Plus, you can say you love DT the most and always carry it close to your heart.


Skepticism —> acceptance —> terrible puns and jokes

Sounds right to me


So… someone doubting your claims, as a first time poster, is virtual lynching? Please calm down a bit, this is massively exaggerated, and massively inappropriate as well in times where people are commiting suicide because of actual cybermobbing… :expressionless:


In the very last video at 0:45 you can see the larger veins in the hand in R0 there close to the install site are they damaged etc no idea but they are close by.

My intention has never been to offend you or your experience what I merely felt is that we needed proof of grand claims is it impossible to migrate like that no of course not but hooves are usually horses not zebras and rarely unicorns.

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As usual, I stand by @Coma’s opinion here. :yum:

I mean, reading this thread I see people not believing, as expected, yet even then I still see the same level of care and politeness in those skeptic posts as we see everywhere else on this forum.

I mean… I found one single rude comment in the whole thread!

What got me perplexed, though, was the overall whiteknightly “if you don’t believe then you are being offensive” stance taken. And I’m not talking only about OP…

I would love to know this is still a safe place for people to expose conflictive opinions and be able to debate on them while being mature about it. That’s something I love about this forum.


The question I keep asking myself over and over is: why is it that every little thing on the internet invariably ends up in minor drama?

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You know why. People don’t have enough drama in their day-to-day to satisfy, but they don’t want to start shit with actual people face to face because there’s consequences. Starting something on the internet is a low risk way to scratch that itch. It’s little brain all the way.


Negative. My little brain is wholly preoccupied with pretty girls.


Just my two cents.

I see no reason to doubt the claim, he hasn’t shown any other propensity for attention seeking. As some said, it is technically possible even if very unlikely.

There’s no reason to be concerned with fear that it may cause. Implants are a choice everyone makes and everyone is clearly told, as with anything to do with the body, that there are risks involved. If FUD is such a big deal then arm yourself with facts. Does anyone know where to find the statistics on complications with other similarly sized implants?

For example, with regard to the implanted contraceptive mentioned above - out of the presumed thousands upon thousands of times it’s been used how many times has it traveled like this? Once? Find the stats and you can prove that this is extremely rare.

Also, if for nothing else this shows that even with a quite rare complication that the results are not at all harmful. So that’s also a win.

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Also, as a side thought, being from a medical adminstrative background I suggest @Sourpunk, or any admins here who can, to scrub the personally identifiable information from the x-ray pictures any any other media in which PII appears.


I would agree to this. @Sourpunk if you are alright with it, pm me photos and I can do it tomorrow at work if you don’t have the ability.

I would say I am extremely fascinated by the imagery, and I would ask you do this so we can keep a record of it.

Also, I have been thinking. For all the skeptics who cast doubt on here, we always ask for an xray in the other thread. This person produced them, and there is still skepticism.

What my question is that I am getting at is, if someone in that thread posted the xray of what they had, and you could see it, would that also take a medical report to convince you?


I think in this case were some “red flags” combined… a very unlikely (though obviously not impossible) story, totally suitable (not saying that this was his intention!) for fearmongering. Already happened here a few times.
A very defensive, sometimes straight rude person who posted it, along with some sentences usually used more in the “conspiracy-thread”.
And, maybe most important, it was his first post ever - so anything in the area of “you got my word” is, sorry to say that, worth little on the wild wild interwebs. I mean, if a regular poster here talks about some strange stuff that happened, we all here are more likely to believe it, at least if that person usually came across as a reasonable, “trustworthy” one. Simply because nobody takes the effort to gain the trust of a forum community just to make them believe some strange stuff…

I’d say, if you post a very unlikely (though not impossible) story on the internet, be prepared to be confronted with scepticism. Overreacting like he did will do little to help your cause, no matter how understandable it may be.

And I want to put that clear - people here were sceptic, but not rude at all. Nobody attacked him, nobody said “hey, you are totally lying!”, all we asked for was a bit more information to prove his claims. And I think that’s okay.