Need help with an implant

So I’m interested In getting the flex next when and if it comes out. I’m looking for a surgeon in the wisconsin area or near by that would be interested in doing the implant for me. If so or someone knows someone. Please get in touch with me. Thank you

It is currently available, but potentially for not too much longer

If you are referring to the upcoming implant that runs java applets and may have payment, you are probably thinking of the apex.

If you are indeed referring to the flex NExT, it’s actually been released for a fair bit now as said by pilgrim. Be aware however, there has been a couple of falures of the flex NExT and amal has made some modifications to mitigate them…

actually no… it’s temporarily on hold while we sort out the recent spat of failures and attempted remedies.


Yeah Right you are, my bad.
I should have emphasised the potentially

You are messing with my head

We should probably also change the thread name


It is oddly accurate actually: it currently is, factually, in limited release until Amal sorts our the issues :slight_smile:

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Technically most things could be considered limited release, depending on your time scale :grey_exclamation:

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True enough. But I meant “limited” has in it has been voluntarily limited to x many.

Fair point :white_check_mark:
Quantity vs.Time