New chip nfc for payments

Alguien conoce este sistema de pago?
Se podría realizar en un implante? No lo veo difícil una vez creado.
Se pueden meter varias tarjetas de pago en el mismo chip…
Parece interesante

EDIT and Translation from @Pilgrimsmaster
I’m not sure why Translate function didn’t work on this post ( It tested it on another post and it worked fine :man_shrugging: )

Anyway, Translation from above

“Does anyone know this payment system?
Could it be done on an implant? I don’t see it as difficult once created.
Several payment cards can be put into the same chip…
It seems interesting”


It looks like this chip is tokenized, which means you can install another card on it after the expiration date. It would be nice to hear comments from experts @Satur9 on this issue!
In any case, you will have to buy one and give it to be torn to pieces in (Dangerous Things Guys)

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It does look promising

I think your best steps are
Get one
Set it up
Test it
Send to Amal for Payment Conversion
Buy stuff with a wave of your hand…like Magic

Parece prometedor

Creo que tus mejores pasos son
Conseguir uno
Enviar a Amal para la conversión de pago
Compra cosas con un movimiento de tu mano… como Magic

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Which bank cards can you link?

Our wearables work with all Mastercard debit and credit cards, all Visa debit and credit cards and Discover debit and credit cards. Depending on whether the bank is already integrated, you can link this card directly in the app. If your bank is not yet integrated, you can use our partner Curve for free. This is a popular wallet app that lets you bundle multiple cards onto 1 card. You can then easily connect this Curve card to the wearable. This means you can use our wearables even if your bank is not yet integrated.

What if I have a different pass?

NB. For security reasons, our wearables do not work with outdated Vpay and Maestro cards. Dutch banks stop issuing these cards and all switch to Visa or Mastercard, which is safer for consumers. If you still have such an old card, in most cases you can often request a replacement card from the bank for free. You will then receive a new card that works with our products. Check the bank’s website to see whether they have already started issuing the new cards.

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i bought one, ill review when i receive it after the jan 13th. (vacation time). if it works with my cards ill send it off to Amal for conversion service.


I was about to do the same.

Did you get teh bracelet or the keychain?

Keychain since it’s gonna get destroyed and it seems like it’s the easiest to get into

thats what i was thinking too, I may get one too and pay with it.
I emailed them with a few questions, i will share here if they get back with anything relevant :+1:


I plan to use it for a few days just to see if my normal places accept it and it works then send it off. I’ll take a ton of pics and show what I find here


Someone get the bracelet… I wanna look into that as well :slight_smile:


Are you using CURVE?

It looks like it may not be ready yet.

Although, for reference
Not in NZ yet (No surprise)

But, looks like IT IS in USofA

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looks like it has the potential to be easy to convert.

But there is also a CURVE Vegan Bracelet, Coming SOON™
It looks more tricky

What region are you in? I’m in Canada and I’m hoping this will work…

Detroit, just a stones throw from you

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It looks like it’s in the USA, but after giving the app my number and email, it kicked me over to the website to join the waitlist. This whole thing definitely looks promising, but anyone in the US looking to get into this might want to get on Curve’s waitlist before you get too excited. :wink:

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If you know someone in the UK you can get the curve there and can still use it in NA is my understanding.

Curve works in the UK, have an account for it years ago although don’t use it.

Can you please share the dimensions of the nfc chip itself?

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When I receive it and get back from vacation I’ll make a post

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Anybody that hasn’t seen it, I did a write up on my custom payment conversion.
I can’t reccomend the service enough.
In my write up, there were a few lessons learnt for me (and now hopefully you can learn from those)
Little things, like:

  • the process,
  • talking with Amal.
  • Not doing your own chip extraction.
  • Set up bank account and test it prior to sending to amal.
  • Be prepared to send a spare (you shouldn’t have to, and I didn’t, but be aware you MIGHT need to)
  • testing it after receiving it and before installing.
  • Planning the install location
  • Booking Piercer
  • Having Custom needle autoclaved or equivalent beforehand
  • Use Lube :sweat_drops:

here’s the link for all the FULL info and videos