New XSiiD - Led Support

Hello! I just installed my first implant.

I got the XSiid NFC and LED (Red) and just installed it. I have read the forum and saw that many people have to wait around 2 weeks to write on it which I should have looked into before doing it. Is this a requirement (very impatient if you can’t tell). I am very new to this world and was wondering if in the meantime there was a way to make the LED light up in the meantime without trying to write onto it if i have to wait. Any more starter info you think is important is also appreciated! Thank you!

Yep, more often than not, BUT there are exceptions.

Would knowing the 2 week waiting period have changed your mind?

In reality, the Blinky :blinky_red: will probably not show up for longer due to the inflammation in the area.

You maybe able to read write and glow for a short period after install, but then expect a decline in all 3 until after the 2 weeks.

How about

What do you plan on using it for? If we knew that we could probably give you some more info…

Oh and

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Oh it wouldn’t have changed my mind at ALL. I have wanted one for a couple years now and only just recently pulled the trigger on doing it. I tried writing a rick roll to it after the install tonight but my phone (Iphone 15 pro max) isn’t getting a read on the chip using NFC Tools. It gives me the prompt to present the NFC tag, I do so and then the LED lights up and I can see it quite clearly (for now that is). So thats why I was unsure about if I was doing something wrong. For the meme of it I mostly plan on rickrolling and using it as a convo starter until I get tired of that and then use it for sharing contact info or linking to websites as necessary and then eventually using it mainly to open my computer. But I’m open to learning about what else I can do. I appreciate the welcome. This forum is super nice from the few posts I’ve read.


I’m looking at the settings in the app and theres an option to format memory. Is that something I have to do first in order to write to the chip?


Just use TagWriter or NFC tools to write whatever you want

Just make sure the file is less than ~888KB

I see, I went on NFC Tools, set up the URL and told it to write, Scanned it and the LED is lighting up however nothing happens after that even if I leave it there for a bit. If I just have to wait that is no problem, I just assumed that if the led is lighting up it is getting a read and it should be able to accept the write. I may be wrong though as I am not sure.
And even when just trying to read it, there is nothing popping up on the phone

I wouldn’t say you are wrong, that is a fair assumption BUT it is more of an indicator.
The read / write and LED are somewhat related, they are not one in the same in fact the LED “sucks some of the power” but thats the price you pay for Blinky :blinky_red: .

This is where the 2 weeks comes in, your inflammation may be just a little too much to write

The Writing takes longer than reading, but we are only talking a couple of secs max to write.

Try playing around with the positioning, in reality, you shouldn’t be playing but rather allowing it to heal but We all know that’s not realistic, we have all been there.

Try these if you havent already:
Remove phone cover
use your HF xFD keyring to find the antenna on your phone
Note the duty cycle ( pulse rates, strong and weak flashing )
Hold still or move VERY slowly when you are in the right area
Remember to read perpendicular from antenna to xSIID :triangular_ruler:

good luck

I kid you not I was like maybe I should take off my phone case, I did and it worked. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry if I was a slight Nuisance. I appreciate your help and patience!! I look forward to learning more about this tech!


Not at all, you were a HUGE nuisance :rofl:


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Welcome to the club!

Also, I like to use Az’s app to keep the LED lit up to sh9w people while moving my phone to let the LED fade in and out.


Slightly disappointed in having an iPhone now :smiling_face_with_tear:
I appreciate the info!

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Oh no!
Next step, join the Android dark side, we have cookies. :classic_tongue:


and cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice creaem sandwich, jelly beans, kitkats, lollypops, marshmellow, nugats, pie, red velvet cake, snow cone, tiramisu, upside down cake, and vanilla ice cream!!


I was able to read/write/blink mine within hours of installing. I don’t think it’s a requirement at all, it’s just that sometimes it can be difficult for the first few days due to swelling.

If you ever do decide to join the dark side, Pixels are cheap in excellent condition or even new. :wink:

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I will certainly look into joining the dark side. I have a reader and writer delivering in a couple days and after the healing process hopefully I can just use windows to do it more easily. Amazing community here!



What flavour???



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This reader should work okay, but it will not perform as well as a real ACR122U. The company ACS which makes the ACR 122U has stopped making this particular model, but a ton of Chinese companies are knocking it off and presenting it as an ACR 122U. The problem is the performance is less than half of what a real ACR122U want to do you typically has.

Still, you should be able to use it with your implants… It may just take some specific placement to get a good read.