NExT moves alot

Hi,I need some help…
I have a NExT implant since 6 months. It works fine.
Recently i noticed that it moves alot.
It was implanted betwen thumb and Index Finger by a Piercer.
It now moves about 2cm almost to the wrist and i can easily move it back in Position.

What can/should i do?

Thank you in advance

This is not uncommon, if you read through this forum you will find a few examples.
The advice is generally the same.

The prenatal vitamins are for collagen production, to help lock it down.

this is a from a more recent thread below for your reference.

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

Wow thank you that was fast.

I have seen that, but i thought i start a new topic because it moves almost to my wrist joint. What scared me a little.

Thank you verry much i will try it

Can you share a picture?

I will try tonigt…
Not sure if we can see it

I tried but ist not really visible…!

Normally it is between the left lines
It slides back between the right lines

I hope its clear…Else just ask.

I think @amal will be the best person to give you advice on this