NExT moves alot

Hi,I need some help…
I have a NExT implant since 6 months. It works fine.
Recently i noticed that it moves alot.
It was implanted betwen thumb and Index Finger by a Piercer.
It now moves about 2cm almost to the wrist and i can easily move it back in Position.

What can/should i do?

Thank you in advance

This is not uncommon, if you read through this forum you will find a few examples.
The advice is generally the same.

The prenatal vitamins are for collagen production, to help lock it down.

this is a from a more recent thread below for your reference.

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Wow thank you that was fast.

I have seen that, but i thought i start a new topic because it moves almost to my wrist joint. What scared me a little.

Thank you verry much i will try it

Can you share a picture?

I will try tonigt…
Not sure if we can see it

I tried but ist not really visible…!

Normally it is between the left lines
It slides back between the right lines

I hope its clear…Else just ask.

I think @amal will be the best person to give you advice on this

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A little update…
Thanks for all your tipps.
I had i taped in place an took the vitamins. But it still moves about the same.
Any ideas ?

One thing to explore here… is it actually moving under the skin or is the skin itself just stretching… know what I mean? Sometimes people confuse the two things.

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Probably doesn’t move as much as mine. And I don’t normally deliberately do this:

I think it never settled because I keep my phone in my left pocket so I’m always sticking my hand in my pocket which puts pressure on the implant.

It’s also been jumping metacarpals. I actually like where it is better now between the 3rd and 4th than when it was between the 4th and 5th. For a while it was right on top of the 4th.


Gotta be careful with it being on top of any bone

It moves under the skin

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It’s possible that your body is just not reacting to the glass. We chose soda-lime based glass because it isn’t 100% inert… the body does tend to react slightly to the glass, and that reaction is to encapsulate the glass object with collagen and fibrin… but some people’s bodies just don’t do that.

Also some people have a limited window for their body to react after installation. The act of wounding the body to insert it triggers this hunt for foreign bodies within your body, and this results in the encapsulation process… but for some people the window on this closes shortly after installation, so if your chip doesn’t settle down immediately, after a short period their bodies just don’t ever recognize the glass and it just floats.


Are you referring to schott 8625 bioglass?
I thought that’s what you used in all the x series

yep… the 8625 has a soda-lime chemistry