NFC Range Boost Sticker/Patch

I want to create this thread, so I don’t derail the flexy mc flex flex thread anymore.
Basically after seeing this video, I did some research into a sticker you can put over you implant to temporary extend the range.
All the crazy stuff was found by others, I just really like the idea of such a tattoo.
The idea is to place such a sticker over your x-series implant to bend the magnetic field so that the implant is powered from further away.

So, my next todo is find big sheets of those stickers.
Then someone (me?) should call this asiarfid company and ask if it is possible to do a small test batch.

Okay I think I just found suitable “stickers”!
I hope antennas can be printed on such a material.
Looking at it, why did I not think about these skin patch things earlier?
They just seem a little big…

I had a look into this a while ago. I saw something about somone making a skin mounted power coil using silver foil. I did find this paper which discussed printing antennas with silver microparticles.

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You can get medical grade spray on adhesive…worked well in the tests I’ve done. I’d recommend also getting the remover.

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Yeah, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. After my NExT LF side malfunction I got new NExT but new place gives worse readings and as a result I can’t open one doors, from one side only… it’s really annoying.

Guess I’ll be doing ToFlex update one day.

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Still interested in this