NFC tools compatibility

I’ve researched and ready to buy my implant. Thing is, I’m not sure which one works best with NFC tools as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ty!

I’d suggest starting with the NExT… unless budget is a concern then I would go with the xNT. Both are descent. If you really want performance though then you’ll need to bump up to a flexNT or something like that.

So all of the above mentioned would work with nfc tools pro? I’m just more familiar with the basic functionality of that specific interface ya know. I’m learning more as I go.

Absolutely. All will work with NFC Tools ,All great implants, and all great recommendations from Amal

May I ask, what is your specific use case? There may be some other considerations for you.

For now either my crypto, home security or business website. Eventually all 3

You have a couple of cryptocurrency things you can do
Cold Storage for Crypto on Implants? Small Ethereum wallet app on NFC - #2 by Pilgrimsmaster
Or simply store your keys, recovery phase, or addresses as an NDEF message

Do you already have a system installed? Do you have one in mind?
There could be some ideas in here for you

Easily done as a data set through NFC Tools

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Here’s my fun update thread also →

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Thank you! You have all provided great info and I appreciate the time spent helping me.


I’m surprised that no one’s mentioned the xSIID yet. It’s like the xNT or NFC portion of the NExT, but with a small LED light. It also technically has twice the amount of storage that the other 2 do, but writing to that additional storage isn’t possible with NFC Tools iirc.

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Yeah, fair call.
Great implant.
Somehow, I forgot people love the blink :rofl:

:blinky_blue: :blinky_green: :blinky_red: :blinky_white:

As @APartOfMe said, The xSIID is a blinky implant with half of the memory “hidden” :vault_boy_hidden:

Plus it still might be on sale…