Numbing Gel vs Emla Patch vs PMK

Finally have a finger magnet that I’m confident in having installed! Would the numbing gell be enough for a fingertip or would I be better off waiting for the PMKs to be back in stock? My gut says PMKs for nerve block but lemme know your thoughts!

Should be ok.
I’ve read that you put your finger in a part of a glove with gel in it for 90min or so.

Hmm, I will have to order a packet and do some testing!

On hairy skin the best result is +2h.
I preferred to give it 3.5h, however the 90min is plausible.
The absorption is different on non-hairy skin.

And if you are a redhead, it wears off faster.

Source for the non believers


I’ll probably go for longer rather than shorter absorption time lol

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Hairy fingertips? Damn, I’m happy to be female… :smile:


Only when I pick my nose (=

oh. no.
Well, that sucks.

Out of curiosity, is there an upper time limit for effective use of the numbing gel? 2hours? 3? 4? I kinda need to know now for when the Titans arrive.

In my experience, 2 hours of occlusion, remove covering right before procedure. Good enough for pocketing work and everything.

About 45-1hr of good ‘work time’ and takes the edge off recovery for a good few hours but wouldn’t want tugging that long.

I don’t know how people do the flex installs without numbing. I can do xseries no problem, but very glad I had it for a flexMT. That might help compare my pain tolerance to yours - there’s no right answer here but that’s my experience

My experience:
It really starts working after 2 hours. It peaks around the 4h mark.
Then it simply gets absorbed by the skin and the effect fades.

You can re-apply the lidocaine to the surface…in theory(!) but you don’t want to do that, because you enjoy having blood circulation.
But that’s just the topical.

If you get some lido injected…that is a game changer.
The worst way to describe it like the difference between a splif and a cookie.

Figured this would be a good place to put this rather than making a whole new thread. I’ve been pondering what would be effective numbing for larger implants (flexMN, Pegleg v3 hopefully) and when it would actually be worth it.
Say for instance I wanted my flexMN on watch face placement, would lidocaine patch/injection be worth it? I’m aware some people do those cold turkey no numbing, flex wedge with the needle I understand but otherwise I myself am not that tolerant to pain.
Secondly Pegleg, for those that know was any numbing used for the Pegleg installs? I imagine that’d be awful otherwise. If so how does one even localize lidocaine to such a large part of the body? (No worries I’m not self implanting or anything just some things that came across my mind).
@amal any thoughts?


I tried it for you, so you don’t need to. Possible but hurts as fuck. You do want lidocaine!

Pain, shock, blacking out.

:syringe: Possible.

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I’d encourgage you to make a new thread.
If you are really committed to the Pegleg the community as shared wisdom could talk you through the process and perhaps provide the support what you need for this project.

For such a huge device you might want to pick a location where the skin is soft enough to be stretched out before you merge with a computer.
You could get a small sachet of saline implanted to the desired location before. That would make maybe plenty of place for your implant.

Testing a device could be a mission. I am thinking of the wireless charging, temperature control. Possibility of trouble shooting.

If you are thinking of a short term project: maybe to get the implant and wear it until the batter last? That would make the project more simple, although I’d still start a new topic…

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I’m in contact with one of the PegLeg v3 devs and was told I could most likely get a Qi powered one as was with the v2 which is the plan. I don’t trust putting a battery in my body personally. I also have a doctor I inquire about placement of all my implants and a nurse installs them.
My main concern was just doing my own research on lidocaine when it comes to larger implants so that if they asked me I could answer confidently. But when it’s closer to time I most likely will. Cassox is a busy man working in the ER during a global pandemic. so PegLeg v3 might be a ways away
(Asked Amal about making me a V2 as a custom job and was informed of the v3 that’s kinda what sparked everything)


So there will be an external device powering it? Wow, :nerd_face: :+1:
I never had a leg implant, but I would consider a larger object to be placed in my forearm.
My skin is paper thin there and I don’t have fat under my skin.

Epidural, laughing gas, morphine… they knock you out, but the side effects are :poop:
The most lido I got injected was about 3ml 1%. That could numb down a rather large area. Plus you could keep aware of the procedure by using lido, unlike with N2O.

I’m almost sure you’ll not get morphine injected. I only got that only a few times (that drifts you to a happy place and puts you to a mild sleep), but the aftermath is rather depressive, so I’d not recommend… :thinking:actually… no.

You’ll do more research anyways and will discuss every step with a medical doctor. The installation of a match box size device is no joke. (maybe bigger?)
But interesting for sure.
Please update me-us about your project!

Note: I have no personal experience with epidural.

I’ma need dabs in that case :joy:

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Yeah I’ve had my fair share of those bits. Laughing gas is quite strange after the dentist since they just let you go lmao.
Tried morphine recreationally once and liked it too much so I never touched the stuff again.
I’ve also had my fair share of lidocaine with various shoulder relocations and toenail removels.

Yeah he enjoys watching them be implanted I’ve know him my whole life. He always records the nurse doing it as well, good man.

Will do mate


And I’m back to revive this dead thread. What’s the general consensus on lido with or without epi in regards to flex implants. I think my doctor plans to use Epi so that’s more than likely what I should go with, just kinda wanna see what most of you have had used? As for locations, with my decided location

should I be expecting digital block of the hand? just local?

Had lido without epi - bleeds nicely during installation, so there is no returning blood “trapped” behind the suture afterwards → less swelling. At least that’s what my artist said, and since he’s doing implants frequently, I believe him. I know others here had lido + epi and had fine results as well, so I don’t think it’s that much of a difference - I’d say take whatever your installer feels comfortable with :wink:

I was at a bodmod studio, and I doubt they do nerve blocks there, so for my flex on the back of the hand, it was local numbing. Was all fine, installation was painless, though the numbing started to fade in the end.
In the hospital where I got my flexie taken out again, the used a nerve block for the whole arm (they said they can’t inject local anaesthetics into infected tissue), and they used ultrasound to find the nerve they wanted to numb - so if you’re going to get that done by a surgeon, nerve block could be possible :woman_shrugging:

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