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hmmmm, curious BUT Fuck FakeBook :-1:



Can you make a very specific by the numbers video about rfid misconceptions

I know most have been sprinkled in various videos and interviews, but a dedicated video we could spam these kind of cess pools…

Bonus, more YT view time

Tracking (it’s the same chip as most work badges)
Read distance (like an inch)
Infection (cake walk and safer that ears for body piercers)
Chopping off of hands (fingers aren’t being cut off for biometrics)
Stealing credentials at distance (magnetic coupling)
Mark of the beast (left hand lulz)
Hard to cut out
Can’t reprogram


I mean, I agree, but there was just too much gold here to post a screenshot :grin:


yep. i think i will also be making some “response” videos, like in response to

for example…

any other ideas to add to this list?

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I’m sure I’ll think of some….
Maybe I’ll dip back into that cess pool of a thread for inspiration

Fwiw, I think a single common misconception and dumb comments video would be best

Single link to point people to, maybe they read, maybe they don’t…. But it’s easier than trying to get smooth brains to engage with a list of videos

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Updated list


I have to wonder though…why hasn’t the government gotten it’s grubby little paws into this and regulated it?(not that I want them to, obviously) Why are we allowed to do this? Are we operating in a grey area?

Maybe the risk of breakage for glass implants.

still not nearly enough people with chip implants to worry about regulating. also, regulate what exactly? a professional putting what amounts to being a functional piece of body jewelry into a customer similarly to how they place body jewelry… they regulate the professional via licensing and health department checks of their business (one hopes)…

I also don’t see why they should regulate more then they do with piercings or other subdermal installations.

Its basically the same as piercings. They regulate piercing studios in many countrys.

The only thing I can seem them doing

Is supposedly border patrol and tsa have some pretty broad powers when it comes to inspecting data and electronic devices, they don’t often… but I believe they have a legal authority

I could see them demanding to inspect data on an implant if they really got a bug up their ass over it…

But I don’t believe you are legally required “help” them do it

Not to be confused with not cooperating,

I would make it point of not telling helping them get a read on an implant, or use any of my tools etc, tell them what’s on it

I would let them struggle with their limited knowledge and experience and laugh

The “scary” thought is them attempting to exercise their authority to “sieze” a device, and attempting to force an implant removal… but I think this would result in a massive lawsuit unless you give them legitimate cause to believe you will destroy “evidence” or probable cause of a crime

But given that you can just clone stuff, unnecessary pain and suffering is a easy sell

I don’t think that’s very likely though

Fair point there.

The needle assembly mostly. Aren’t needles typically Rx only? I could just see someone throwing a fit if someone does a self install, it gets infected, they ask how they got the needle, they say “oh off a website on the internet” then some Karen lawmaker says it’s unsafe and bans them all. Obviously you have the all the warnings and such on the product listings, but I still feel like we’re in a weird grey area

I know you know what you’re doing, but it’s always made me curious

Well… do they do that with keycards? I don’t think they even understand the technology, let alone know how to get any data off it.

Piercing needles? Tattoo needles? These aren’t Rx

That falls under this


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“they can kill you”

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