Open source deadbolt lock

I have tried installing this on a “door” for testing and found that the lock alignment is absolutely critical. Just a slight misalignment added enough extra pressure that the thumbturn would unlock the lock without any major issues but the electronics could not turn the thumbturn. A slight movement of the mechanism resolved this. The mounting holes I used were created with an Irwin Jig designed specifically for this purpose, so that shows how easy it is to misalign this lock.

Whether I can modify this lock to work with a different controller or not, the obvious lesson learned is that if there are any issues, no matter how minor, with locking your door they are likely to cause issues with an electronic lock whether they fit over an existing lock or replace it.

I’ve always kinda wondered why the bolts don’t have a kind of pointy end like a cone to help badly hung doors and misaligned bolts.

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As long as it not too sharp, otherwise somebody inevitably would injure themselves on it…

Yeah totally… it just has to be about as pointy as the nose cone of a space rocket…

As you should be able to see from this close up they include a minimal taper which is enough to help a little bit. In my case the issue was the alignment of the lock parts in the through hole which cause the lock to stop retracting about halfway through.

A more conical shape might help a bit more but would probably require a longer throw.

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More taper! More taper! More taper!


Dennis Ma the owner of Town Steel will be live with CLK Supplies next Tuesday on You Tube.

I hope to get some questions about their “MiFare” rfid integration answered.

Their locks look like good drop in replacements and have keypads, rfid and a key hole. Price wise they are competitive with the level lock touch but sound like they are good quality.

If the answers are any good then I will look at ordering one for evaluation. These are not going to be suitable to put over an existing lock but will replace a standard lock with no adjustment to the door. (Although door alignment could still be an issue if it already is)

There are some rfid remote controlled deadbolts such as this, you could in theory hook up an xac or similar to interact with the unlock button on the remote.

The TownSteel locks use MiFare DESfire EV1 key cards but they think that any card would probably work (depending on the product range)…

They don’t do any magic card detection, so implants might work but they did say reading might be an issue. So I will probably be buying one on payday for evaluation.

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Was searching for newer products…unfortunately no luck. The 3 companies I found were: August, Level, and Wyze

None of these products directly use RFID sadly, even after a few revisions. Someone did use NFC disks with their iPhone, but I know it’s not what we are looking for…

Just bumping this to see if anyone else found something or finished creating something yet for renters.

I really want to get a lock with compatibility for my new implants, and would love a solution that doesn’t involve trying to flash old firmware to a Samsung. Any progress in this project?

What implants? I know there’s an Amazon deadbolt that works with implants

NExT and Spark 2


So I looked into this more. SwitchBot Lock looks to work with existing deadbolts (no need to change locks; good for renters), SwitchBot Keypad can be purchased either with or without fingerprint scanner, and the SwitchBot Card is 13.56 MHz ISO14443A.

Company claims: “Encrypted for even more security. Every SwitchBot Card uses finance level encryption methods to ensure the safe storage of passwords and prevent others from copying cards and using your password information.”

But I’m sure we can figure it out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Says you can add more cards via their app, so we might be able to enroll implant rather than copying.

hmmm :thinking:. I might be interested in trying it out.


@TheCyborgFirefighter, This is exactly what I need. Keep us posted on your results if you decide to give it a try.

I wonder if anybody knows anybody at switchbot? If this is a javacard application, It might be interesting to explore a official relationship between switchbot and VivoKey / Fidesmo


I am VERY interested, I might pull the trigger when I get back home

One of the video reviews of the switchbot keypad mentioned that the included card is a mifare classic and that generic M1 fobs work just fine. I wonder if it can read glassies and if the stock firmware behaves well with ntag chips?


I’m curious if it could read an ntag or not…
Some systems will take both, some won’t

I do have a Xm1, but programming it has gone from clueless to somehow hilariously wrong
I was trying to autopwn the con hotel card, and it just kept trying the exact same number repeatedly and saying 6days