Pins and needles in hand days after install

Well, the title says most of it. I’m getting some ocasional “pins and needles” like sensations mostly on the pinky and ring finger side of my left hand. Those woke me up last night and I’m anxious AF about it. The install of the xEM was in L0 and on the 24’th. I decided to go with only one chip for now and get the xDF2 at a later date.
Thankfully, I’m getting consistent reads.

Should I worry about this? Or should I wait a little longer?

I had this with my walletmor install I put it down to either resting on or damaging some nerves went away after some time.

It’s weird but it feels a little like carpel tunnel.

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I’m kinda surprised that I have an xEM in L0 and the pins and needles are on the other side of my hand and on two of my fingers.

I also know that it’s close to a vein but it seems to be migrating away from it. And I’m occasionally having a small amount of pain in L0 as well.

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I bet it’s nothing to worry about. I had some quick sharp stabby pain after my xSIID and NExT installs in L0 and L4. Would randomly occur and last for a fraction of a second. Lasted about a week.

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That’s good to know. I should relax then.

NGL, the thought of getting it removed crossed my mind last night. Even if this probably not a big deal. But then again, I’m a very anxious person.

Don’t worry about it. Your body will accommodate it over time - especially since it’s a small glassie, it’ll get onboarded in no time at all.

And then if you implant more things, you’ll notice it’ll go smoother and smoother each time. It’s like the body gets used to it.


The human body is weird, and wired funky. For example, I once had a severe gall stone attack. The gall bladder (which is what hurts) is located on the RH side of your abdomen kinda tucked under the ribs, next to the liver. I had severe pain in the front center of my stomach. Maybe 10 inches away from where it was being generated.

Also in an unrelated note, If I’d known where it was then, I’d have cut it out myself, cause it hurt that bad. It was the only time I’ve ever hurt so bad that I could only just lay there and moan about it.


I had a hand accident as a kid, and I feel almost nothing in 3 of my fingers. But not completely nothing: sometimes I touch really cold stuff, and it creates an itch on the side of my throat, just under my chin. Really strange.

Similarly, my uncle had a dicky heart, and one sure sign that he had to take nitroglycerin very soon was that his jaw went numb.

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When I was getting my ribs tattooed recently, it cause a shooting pain in my skin right by my jaw hinge area.

Body is crazy

Do you have a bandage or dressing that is tight or causing tension the skin around your wrist maybe?
Temporary swelling could make it slightly harder for blood to get around especially if you have low blood pressure anyway. Remember to stay well hydrated :slight_smile:

No bandage and my blood pressure leans towards the high side.

Also, this chip seems to be bouncing from the top of a vein to the side of said vein, and I do have some discomfort. But otherwise, things appear to be ok.

The vein will reroute itself if the chip ended up over it. It’s happened to several of mine, including two that took quite a considerable hike around my flexNExT. And it happened fast too.


IIRC, this was around the implant itself. I’m getting this on the other side of my hand. It woke me up last night and it’s getting slightly annoying right now.

I know that I’m probably panicking over nothing but I’d like to clarify my viewpoint.

@greydoc can I get your feedback on this?

Nope the feelings where on the opposite side of the hand ( I implanted in R3) pains and Numbness was in R0 and outside of thumb.

Funnily enough my mum had pains in R0 after I implanted a XSIID in L0

That’s a relief. I should probably add that when it hurts it’s mostly on the proximal side.

Ok, I’ll monitor it for now. Hopefully, things will be better tonight.

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I’m no doc but 0 position is nearer the radial nerve bundle. The outside two finders (ring and pinky) are governed by the ulnar bundle.

Literally no chance the two fingers you’re having issues with could be related to the 0 position. Psychosomatic?

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Morning, so @amal is right in that sensation in the hand is governed by 3 nerves. The Radial, Ulnar and Median. The pinky side is pretty much all Ulnar so it is odd that you are getting sensations on the contralateral side to the implant.

That being said though, there is really no motor involvement at this point as the main movements of the hand and fingers are through forearm muscles and tendons. If you have somehow managed to damage a nerve, as the sensation is minimal and transient it will likely resolve entirely. This bruising of the nerve sheath is called Neuropraxia and the hall mark is complete recovery. If you are still getting sensations 3 month down the line then seek advice but I wouldn’t worry.

With regard to the vein, again this is not going to cause issues. Either the vein will move or a communicating vein will take up the slack. It’s very common in people with vascular issues.


That’s awesome that your mum got one, and a DIY install, no less!

The Devil did it for her, he has a number of his own and knows what he’s doing, but yes, awesome mum

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I also discovered a slight tickling in my ring and pinky finger sometimes.
But that makes more sense, because i have installed my Walletmor in R4 (three month for now?)and its lying over the ulnar nerves.
But i have to say it rarely occurs and always vanished after a short time. Nothing thats bothering me.

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