Polarity on magnet implants?

Curious because I haven’t heard anyone talking about this; does polarity matter when implanting a magnet? I don’t imagine it would have much of an effect, if any. Has anyone who’s had multiple implants noticed any difference?

I don’t believe it matters, with one exception. At least one forum member had a magnet installed with opposite polarity to his partner’s magnet so that their hands would stick together when they held hands.

Other than that, no issues.
In fact the xG3V2 was designed to spin around so it’s poles could face anyway convenient.


That’s actually really cute, there’s at least one way in which it matters lol

I can easily flip my titan with another magnet.
Seems to be normal for all implants.
So if it matters to you one day, flip it.



It worked okay for us with the m31 style magnets, they’re kinda small though. The titan is bigger, and will inevitably flip in it’s pocket because of how tall it is, so it could potentially work better.

My body mod artist does a lot of magnet installs, so sometimes I’ll interact with those people’s magnets. It can be kinda weird (physically and socially) but it’s good fun.

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My Titan is constantly flipping, if its presented to another magnet. sometimes it rests sideways.

If it is sideways you cant tell it from the outside but if i grip an object i can feel the uncomfortableness.

if it got flipped, i did not grabbed anything and forgot its sideways it scares the hell out of me if i grab something.

then i can use my other hand to bring it back in position :smiley:

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