Portable 13.56 MHz reader size of a USB

I’m looking to buy a 13.56 MHz reader size of a USB saw it before but forget where to buy it etc. can anyone give me links for it? Also I’m planning to buy new chip-implants I got couple of thousands in Paypal, where can I purchase in it or should I just withdraw and pay with debit again?

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A couple small options:

I believe I’ve seen a few more mentioned around the forum, but they didn’t come up in a quick search


I’d also recommend thw pn532 which is smaller than a credit card.


You didn’t mention what compatibilty for devices you need

The pn532 doesnt need any drivers and works is recognised as a serial usb on chromebook. The acr122u requires drivers if you wish to use it on windows but is also detected on android.

There are dongles and readers which also act as just a uid reader in hex or decimal format. Iirc the uid dongle is the size of a usb flash drive if that’s what you were thinking of.


There’s also this


You can get an HF one, or an LF one, OR if you want, you can do a simple mod and make yourself a dual frequency USB reader


What do you use to drive it (PC&android)?
I tried a few things and never got it to work right …

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I had this but never managed to make it work. Maybe they sent me a lf instead of hf one? I think they’re uid readers only though?

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I primarily use it on android on mtools or rfid tools apps… Never had a need to use it on windows and I’ve been without a windows device for a few months. When i ws using windows i used a acru122 or omnikey variant.

Lately I’ve been using it on chromebook via the rfid tools app since it’s recognised on there as a serial usb.

I know there’s a few versions of the pn532 so there may be mixed results. I got both of mine from this store

MI YU KOUNG Official Store

One issue i had was when it wasn’t working it turned out to be a cable issue. So they might be quite picky in that respect.

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I’ll try a few more cables.

Mtouls seam to recognize it, but it Ask to get thé payé version … Which one do you have?
(I don’t mind paying if it works :sweat_smile:)

Easy to pop apart and see
Pull the cap off, then the collars top and bottom and viola


I had no problem with mine with regards to reading, the only “problem” is the Type C adapter adding to the fragility of the reader plugged into a USB, and trying to get a read without bending it all with your hand


I have the paid version since the last four years. I was using the acr122 before. I never really fully utilised all the app features but it was worth it for what it was back then (half the price what it is now). The good news is you can use the same order code to activate the paid version of mtools ble if you are using that too ( i use my chameleonUltra SE with it). And to be honest the product support from Wilson is pretty good as well. Even if you get stuck in the methodology he will reply and help you through it.


Ooh la la, i love a bit of pcb porn. It’ll be lost somewhere to the box full of crap gods.

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Hers another for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha. Yeah that’s the pn532 i have. :drooling_face:

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