Proxmark 3 LF Antenna

Will the LF antenna designed for implantants work with the Proxmark rdv4.01?

Best Nanna

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Yes indeed, mine came with a small screwdriver to take the existing antenna off and then you just swap in the new one. The case won’t fit over it (obviously).

And that’s the Proxmark 4.01?

Not the 4.0

I’ve personally got the 4.01 but the connections appear to be the same on the 4.0 and 4.01 from everything I can find.

It don’t take much to make it fit:

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Great - thanks a lot :blush::blush:

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No problems on compatibility - the .1 at the end is just a minor revision, I think most of the changes were in the included antenna. The actual interface for antennas is unchanged, so all antennas are cross compatible on the RDV4.0 and 4.0.1


For what it’s worth, I just sorta/ kinda answered this on your other thread just before reading this.

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Sooooooounds like it’s time to design a print for that!!!

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Test fitting once print is done