Proxmark being weird

Fixed it for you



Maybe I’m upside down!! Haha I am… the electric connection points are not at the top.


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Huh. So probably a dumb question then, my tuning comes up ok but cant find the low end of my chip (pretty sure it was a next but cant for the life of me remember) but i also know i had issues with it when it was installed. Shouldnt be the prox should it?

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I know you had an xM1
Which is like the xMagic but without the LF side…

does that help?

How many implants do you have?

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Wait was it? Would have sworn i picked up one that had 2. Lemme check if i still have an email somewhere, i may be looking for a thing that doesnt exist. I know i debated the next

Not a next, xmagic. There is in fact 2

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Aha, I know you had a 4 byte UID, HF.

But yep, that also ties in with an xMagic.

I thought you said xM1 at some stage…

Anyway, yep strange you can’t see LF.

The PM3 can be tricky to read LF sometimes.

Press the antenna firmly perpendicularly across the xMagic (with some playing, you’ll be able to work out which end is LF and which is HF)

Use these to help


I had no idea i could run multiple in a row thats awesome. And not only was i holding it in the wrong spot, but the lf seems to not be on the side i thought it was :joy:

Yeah i remember wanting one i could use at work, but also wanting one that did both. Even though i still havent found a use for the lf side :sweat_smile:


Yep, here it was

But also xMagic and NExT

I do find it a little funny you are/were not 100% sure what implant(s) you have

Whatyou might find awesome is @Az_F ZINC (<- Link to app)

It’s a great app, I have saved all my implants and install dates on there



Is that the app that comes with the pico i just ordered? I also found it kinda funny, ive got crippling adhd and when i got my implants i was so convinced id remember forever because how could i possibly forget? Leave it to me :joy:


indeed it is good sir :skull: :chipmunk:

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Im so excited :joy: took a bit of a break, came back and now i can buy it, shipped yesterday and i cant wait