Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

There are no negative impacts to the flex device if it crosses or lays atop bone. There may be some irritation or other possible issues from the body, but the flex devices are fine over bone since they are not glass tube like our x-series. Flex devices are quite robust.

This is the interesting bit. What kind of stuff can happen + is it permanent or just longer healing?

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well as @Satur9 mentioned… tension could be an issue… where the flex is basically “pushing up” from under the skin because it’s being cantilevered over a bone or something like that. In the case of planning to go over a bone, it would make more sense to put it perpendicular across the bone than the try to lay it parallel with the bone because the flex antenna is much more flexible length-wise.


So my purewrist card has been working fine everywhere I normally pay for things— Haven’t encountered an issue yet.

That said, I’m having trouble upgrading my card to be reloadable. I live at an “123 1/2 anywhere ave.” address and I think it’s wreaking havoc with their identity validation form. Waiting to pull the trigger on the conversion until I’m sure I can get myself verified…


I’m pretty sure you need to give them your SSN, so withholding your address seems kind of pointless.

Why did this make me think of this scene:

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Oh yeah, I gave them my address, I just didn’t want to give all of YOU fine folk my address haha. The emphasis is on the 1/2, not the made up address there. The form doesn’t like the slash, but the verification vendor doesn’t like addresses for me that don’t have it.

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It made me think of Blues Brothers where his address of record was the baseball stadium


This beauty should be on its way to me tomorrow!


Awesome, is your “professional installer” all ready to install?

Is your Needle prepped?


For sure. Got that upgraded injectable lido, so that will help.

Not yet. Still has to come in the mail. My tattoo artist/skin tent maker, is going to autoclave it for me.

Edit: may live stream the implant install. Thinking of doing a live tattoo stream that day also


So I’ve been using my PAY for 10 days now. I’ve tried out a bunch of readers and most have worked pretty effortlessly. The ones with no screen, or where the reader is mounted above the screen seem to work best. The only two I haven’t been able to fully figure out yet are:

Verifone MX 915

Ingenico iSC Touch 250

There are two issues with these type of reader.

  1. The antenna is located behind the LCD display. There’s likely some ferrite waveguides built into their construction which makes the coupling position very specific. It’s optimized for you to place a card right over the screen. You can definitely get it to work with some practice, though.
  2. The NFC functionality of these readers timeout after ~30 seconds, but nothing visually changes on the display. To re-activate the field, the clerk needs to initiate the payment process again.

Needless to say hunting for the correct position can sometimes frustrate store clerks, especially when they don’t know what you’re trying to do or don’t believe that you have an implant. I’ve been taking a DT diagnostic card with me when I try out readers for the first time to make the whole process easier. It also makes you seem more legitimate to incredulous clerks.

After you figure out the positioning for the readers you commonly encounter it’s very liberating having payment in the palm of your hand (or wherever)


thats a bummer because those verifones are super common around me. I actualy work retail and use the damn things all the time.

if it means anything, on one particularly slow night, i tried to get one of the verifones to read my NExT. and it worked. (it obviously gave an error about wrong card type but it read it and beeped at me)

I had it positioned at the center of the top edge of the terminal, almost perpendicular to the edge but tilted a couple of degrees off. Dont know if that helps with finding positioning for the flex but there it is…

If you want, when you come up to Rochester for thanksgiving and potentially meet up with @Moonman0922 and i, we could stop by my store if its not too far out of the way and test the terminals all you want!


America terminals are weird af we never see the ones with screens like that over here in most of Europe infact because the swipe and sign is seen as too insecure it died out years ago ~10.


You are saying the X I put is not secure?


Yep, they shifted liability to the merchants some years ago in Australia, then said not at all. We’re smaller though and it’s rare to find a place I can’t use my implant, as all terminals support NFC.


Likewise in NZ, however, If it is not NFC it is a Chip and Pin.


It barely a step above a cheque ( check ) ; It is hard to even find a bank that still has them here.

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Just an update on my situation.

Finally able to reload the card. I can only do it from my bank account.

I have it arranged to get the needle autoclaved next week. Hopefully by this time next week, I will be able to hammerfist payment terminals.


im so excited to be able to just fist pound the reader and have it work to the confusion of everyone.
or maybe pretend to get frustrated at it first, pound it, then be like “oh hey, it worked”.


I have a prototype breadboarded tag here that I was working on a while ago that contains 3 chips to a single antenna (coil). That isn’t 3 chips connected in parallel, that’s 3 that individually switch and dwell (as a user you wouldn’t know) when presented to a reader. No card clash! The idea is that you can have multiple chip types in a single tag, or even several of the same. Single chips, pairs of or all 3 are selectable from a phone/reader. There’s LEDs :wink: to let you know which chip/s are selected.
The design also has the ability to match for a range of chip impedances. My prototype contains 2 backdoor mifares and an NTAG at the moment.

Now if you had the same tag with 3 of the payment chips inside you could register and enable chip 1, after 3 years enable chip 2 and then a further 3, chip 3. Effectively 9 years from the one implant. I suspect what would happen though on the expiry of chip 1 and enabling chip 2 the providing company would get all suspicious over a 3 year old dormant tag coming onto the system, get all bent out of shape and disable it……or perhaps not. Wait ‘til you present the 6 year old dormant tag!