Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

From the FAQ page

Personalized Card Limits

Minimum Initial Load Value

$ 10

Maximum Initial Load Value

$ 500

Minimum Reload Value


Maximum Reload Value


Maximum Amount per Transaction

$ 200

Maximum Daily Spend Amount

$ 400

Maximum Monthly Spend Amount

$ 1000

Maximum Balance of Card

$ 1000

Excellent! Now, let’s just hope they don’t send you an updated mini-card next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you went through with the L3 placement. Good choice.
Did you take any video or images of installation?

That fuel payment seemed to read faster than at the terminal you did your first test payment on.

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So glad it works! Mine is sitting to be mailed out to @Amal tomorrow.


If my xSIID wasn’t right there, I would consider it. I also have a giant vein there, and that makes me feel uncomfortable for a Self Install pro to do it.

Thinking of my knife edge, as that would be easier to do alone for a pro to do.

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I hope your “Pro” has an autoclave for the needle.
I think knife edge is also a good spot, my Left Knife Edge ( L5 ) I have reserved for my Apex, Which in time will take the place of my Payment currently in my R4.5

Glad you guys in the USA now have Paymet conversions options available to you.

He has a tattoo parlor that will autoclave it for him. Sadly, the tattoo parlor piercer is not comfortable enough to use a 4G needle.

yeah, I think it will work for now. I really only care about the password management of the Apex, the payment isn’t really a priority for me. Oddly enough, I can now get the payment before the yubikey like implant.

me too

Have you test at anything that you can use a pin at? How’s that go?

Also curious how it goes at say a drive thru, I would imagine the restaurant would try to disable pin functions as much as they can


Looks great, I know that is not your first flex implant, but was that your first one with the Custom flex needle?
Which procedure did you install?
Was there any lube involved in the install? :wink:

The heck with lube. Did you use the PMK? And just how long did “The Stranger” last before it started throbbing?

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Just spit on it


No painkillers. Opted out and requested the 5mm needle, for science. My body mod artist marked out L3 with ink. He did the whole thing with the needle, bevel up. He just worked it along the channel between my 4th and 5th metacarpal.

The pain was actually not bad at all. It did start to get pretty painful and tough to progress when we got close to the wrist. The bevel of the needle doesn’t separate the fascia as much at the barrel, so it was a bit tough to get the implant all the way in, but we worked it out.

I’m feeling pretty good right now. Better than my last one.

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You have done a scalpel install, right? How would you compare the experience?

I preferred the needle install, but I can see situations where it would be more difficult and not ideal. Also, my scalpel installs have all been on ice so I can’t really compare directly. I think the biggest benefits of the needle install are that many more installers can do it, and you usually don’t need stitches.


I must admit, as much as I dislike expiring implants, in the flexM1 form factor, it’s almost tempting. I have one and it went in without any issues (much lidocaine was used though) and I expect it to come out rather easily if it must.

I still wouldn’t do a microcard form factor though…

Unfortunately this particular chip won’t work in Finland =/

Yeah I know :frowning:

Speaking of chips that work in Europe Amal, would it be possible to design an antenna for that other chip that’s very common in Europe - VIMPay is it? - so that DT could do a similar Flex conversions with that particular chip? Or is it never the same chip despite the name being the same?

Or fold up the regular square antenna into a long-ish needle-implantable form factor?

Do you mean rolling a flat microcard up like a map and stuffing it down a glass tube? I’m reasonably confident that it won’t read if you do that.

A flex conversion for something like the vimpay would be possible if we knew the exact input capacitance of the chips they used, but that’s not always available like it is with NXP. Also, getting new antenna designs from our manufacturers is like pulling teeth, and the machining costs are too high for just a handful of implants. I would wait for walletmoor to get some more traction, or think about a regular microcard (considering it’s a quarter the size of your doNExT)