Qi chargers and xLed LF

Hi everyone,

I know Qi chargers, wireless phone chargers, can light the xLed LF, but I wonder if its safe to the led itself and the coil. Can it burn the xLed implant and make it useless?

This thread had some information

You could check with @Satur9 to see if he had any updates.

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I could not get any of the three cheap wireless chargers I tried to couple with an xLED and fry it, the xLED just showed short flashes from the detection pulses. That being said, a Qi wireless charger operating near 125kHz could fry an xLED if you could get them to couple. It definitely will fry the delicate LED on the LF side of your DT Diagnostic Card if you leave it on there for a few minutes, so keep that clear of the field.

Unfortunately, to know for sure we would need a ton of people to use their X Field Detectors to test out dozens of different wireless charging modules.

I’ll post a video later.


Thanks… well, I asked that because I could use some Qi chargers to light my xLed, but I saw that it lights much more than the HF xLed on a HF field. And I actually burned rhe lf led on my test card, the black on with both frequencies. But, it didnt burned the xLed attached to the card.

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Had this occur on the LF on mine too.

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I would strongly recommend against it. I was playing with a Qi charger and my LF XLED and it no longer makes the blinky TT_TT

Haven’t gotten around to yanking it yet.