Quontic Payment Ring

QUONTIC now has a pay ring.

I just skimmed the site, looks like a good candidate for those who are looking for wearable payment options without all the associated fees.


Gunna have to give them a call in the morning and see if the ring ever expires. Will probably sign up for an account and test it out.
Thanks for posting about it.


That would be good to know.

I would imagine like any other bank account, they would just send you a new card (or ring in this case) about a month before the old on expires.

I called the company…

Must have a checking account with them.
No monthy fees for any of the 3 checking accounts. (One is a bitcoin account, you get certain percentage of “cash back” as bitcoin).

No monthly fees for the ring. If you choose the High Interest account, you must make 10 payments/month to be qualified for the interest rate. Purchases using the Ring count towards the 10, as long as it is a POS (Point of Sale) transaction.

Ring doesn’t expire!

Ring will be given its own 16 digit card number, but the card number is only known by the bank. Actual debit cards expires “every 4 years about”

You can only have 1 ring. Said you can request a 2nd one if you open a joint account, and the joint person asks for 1.

Current promotion is ring is free, but looks like it will cost money to buy the ring if you open an account after the promo period.

They will send you a free ring sizing kit if you ask when ordering the ring, since it’s a little bigger that normal rings due to “added security features”.

The only question I forgot to ask, is if the ring/checking account can be used in foreign countries.

I signed up for an account and requested the sizing kit. Will fill y’all in on any other details I see.


It’s probably tokenized then right? Especially given the no expectation date

I can use my flipper to read card numbers

Apple Pay uses a card number but it’s not a real card of mine…

I can also grab my purewrist card but it’s the real number

Would be interesting to see if the chip could be harvested, but I think Amal has agreements in place that prevent him from doing conversions on something like this


Ya but, we could just make a bigger hole in my arm and shove it in.


I look forward to it.

Hopefully it will be very popular and more banks will go to it. I’d love nothing more than to see tap to pay in more places.


Would it be possible to crack it open and use the DT custom service to make an implant?

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That’s why I asked the question about having extra rings, I was gunna wait until I get the ring, use it for a bit, then reach out to Amal to see if DT will convert it.

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I think a chip has been extracted once or twice, but it’s usually some kind of ceramic or something… and often shatters and takes the electronics with it

It’s not like an acetone soak with cards

Also I think there are limitations on Amal at the moment, ageeements not to do xyz lest it sink any chance of getting apex approval

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Why doesn’t DT start some kind of banking system? I would totally apply and bank through DT. Not sure how difficult that is though. Just throwing out ideas. Not sure how possible that would be

Numbers and monopolies

That’s a bummer… Seems the US just doesn’t want me to have a payment implant :’(

Pure wrist conversion,
I’m in the US and have one

I saw that but don’t they expire and require a monthly bill to use?

The big companies like Visa and MasterCard would have to allow the DT bank to use their network which is a no go right now. They don’t like the thought of implantables so far. Without them being on board, you wouldn’t be able to use the tap to pay PoS systems that route the purchase on their network. :frowning:

Edit: been a while since I saw the explanation on it, but that’s what I remember.

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They sent the sizing kit via FedEx Priority Overnight.

Hopefully I measured correctly. I always get paranoid when ordering rings. When I ordered my class ring for college I spent about 20 minutes trying on the same two rings to make sure my size was correct :sweat_smile:.

I determined I’m around a 10 based on their “zip tie”. Hopefully it will fit.


Was curious, so I looked up their ring sizing patent… the zip tie is sold by a company called Esslinger.

The lady I talked to said they highly recommend the sizing kit cause their rings are bigger than normal, yet send me a generic sizing kit lol. That doesn’t make sense… but anyways thought I’d share, maybe vivokey could do something similar when they make their ring, seems cheap enough to buy and send out.

That makes sense to me.
It doesn’t really matter what you measure with as long they have the same scale ie the ring gauge, and they transpose that to their rings known sizing equivalent

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Or maybe they mean that the ring is wider than other rings while sizing is same as generic rings.