Reaching out to local installers

The goal of this project is to bring as many local piercing shops into the fold as possible.
X-Series style implants are an easy way to bring implants into the mainstream. The availability of installation partners holds many people back from this however. If it was possible to browse and select an implant from your local piercer, I imagine more people would end up augmenting themselves.
However, doing this correctly will be tough. That’s why I’m putting together a bundle of information and resources to easily give to interested shops.

  • A clean, professional package
  • Enough information to confidently answer all major questions and concerns.
  • Links to more extensive resources online such as the DT site and forum

So far I’ve put together a binder for my own use and am working on possibly running a batch order of zine style booklets.

This project will be ongoing and updated as much as I can!! Please let me know of any additions you’d like to see! I plan on including qr links as well as rfid tags not meant for implantation.


This looks great! I like your idea for RFID/NFC tags and stickers in the book! if I were to go to an installer id definitely want to be able to drop one of these off ~a few weeks before let em have a read up before installing. such a good idea for expanding the number of installers out there!

one thing id be sure to add (I’m sure you’ve already thought of this) is average pricing for an install as one reason why a lot of people get turned down is “I wouldn’t know how much to charge” and usually if accepted are overcharged or undersold and poor performance is given

such a cool idea tho m8 ill be turning on notifs for this just to see how it progresses!!

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