Release of liability form

Hello! I have a doctor going to install my flexNT. But one of the conditions is if I sign a release of liability. I’ve been trying to find one online to make it download with little luck.

You think anyone can help me?


Waivers are typically specific to the particular situation so you aren’t going to find one for your very rare situation. You’ll need to edit one.

I googled “liability waiver doc” (no quotes) and came up with several Word files that would be suitable to edit for your situation. You’ll need your name, the DRs name and update the activity that they are talking about. Just read through it and edit it to be applicable to your situation.

I’ll try that. The ones I found they have you spend the time to fill it out then at the end you gotta give em your CC to get it. So fucking dumb.

yeah been there done that.

Writing one up from scratch. So if anyone ever needs one lol

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Your doctor should have their own waiver. It’s not up to you to find one as it may not be compatible with local, state and federal laws.
Waivers are different for doctors than body modification professionals. Doctors have regulatory and special insurance guidelines they have to follow.
If your doctor wants a waiver they need to provide it.

I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen or heard of a doctor with a waiver… it seems sort of counter to the idea that they know what they are doing and what they are doing is medically safe. I would be surprised, and frankly a little concerned if a medical doctor’s office had a wavier.

Now, a cosmetic surgeon on the other hand… they are VERY likely to have a waiver… so I would sniff around those types of offices. Tell them you’ll do a free legal review of their waiver form :slight_smile:

True, however a basic indemnification and liability waiver will have all the same legal verbiage. For more info about this issue, check this post in this thread; flexNT installation

I think I need to clarify. It’s my fault I did not in my first post.

Doctors that want you to sign a waiver do not do so for the procedure. It’s due to implantation of a non-medical device, which they don’t normally do in their normal practice.
The procedure isn’t the issue, it’s the implant usually.
Since it’s not a medical device, which they are covered for in their insurance. So they need a waiver from the patient to cover themselves.

In addition to my regular career I’ve been doing body modification since the early 90s. While some medical professionals I’ve worked with before don’t require them a couple have simply for that reason.
They don’t want someone to sue them for a device implantation which they are not covered.

People are crazily litigious. Blame the dr when they slam their hand in the car door, the glass breaks, costs them a bunch for treatment, sue the dr with some reasoning like “the dr didn’t place it right causing extra breakage risk” or “the dr should have known all the risks and didn’t communicate them properly before implantation” despite the dr not being familiar with what you gave them to implant other than what they quickly can look up.

Again, not all want them. Those that do usually give variations of those reasons. It’s just my experience.
I’ve also not seen a dr want a waiver from a patient that was not vetted through their insurance. Why would they? It may not be setup in ways that are compatible with their requirements. There’s no way a patient would know that. Simple waivers and hold harmless agreements are fine in many cases until you get to medical stuff. Generic medical waivers don’t suit for many.

If a dr is not comfortable with no waiver and they are good with a patient generated one, great. This is why.
I’ve literally never had a medical professional, whom is doing a procedure in office, want a waiver that doesn’t cover their practice in a way their insurance approves. Doesn’t mean some won’t though.

I’m familiar with your docs like the flexNT installation. I read everything. I live and love tech and body modification, I’m a literal cyborg with a large amount of hardware in me including some things which interface directly with my nervous system.

I find your information, guides, practices and data to be some of the best out there. It’s immensely appreciated.
To the point I’ve been becoming more comfortable sharing my experiences here. I’ve been contemplating discussing my personal situation on the private forum because frankly, I’ve found especially lately cybernetic people don’t have the same rights as non-altered humans. It’s extremely difficult to find people and places it’s safe to discuss transhumanism. Thank you for having this space for us.

I want to be clear one last time, this is just my experience and it’s not the same everywhere or for everyone.