RFID reader writer proxmark chameleon

So I have an hid 0008p card that I want to clone I was planning on getting a blue clover from Amazon but none of them support hid cloning. I was just going to get a few t5577 fobs to write to but I’m not sure which reader/writer to get. The chameleon tiny seems like a good option but from what I’ve read it doesn’t support hid. So I was thinking the proxmark 3 easy but it’s not very portable could I connect it to an android phone?



Ok… Yes the chameleon can only manage NFC (High frequency) chips. Most HID chips are low frequency.

Blue cloners are not ideal.

The Proxmark3 easy is relatively small, very powerful, and can be used with an android phone.

In short I would get a Proxmark3 easy.


I must revisit this, HF was fine for me, but I don’t think I ever got a successful (accurate) LF read.


It used to be a pain trying to find a good guide online to get a PM3 up and running, but thankfully Amal put together a comprehensive step by step guide and the Proxmark3 from Dangerous Things comes preloaded with Iceman.

Also if you get stuck, somebody here should be able to help you out.

There are a couple of alternatives:
I REALLY want this to work, but it is just not quite as open source as it should be, so I’m personally not getting one until it is fully open, and no fucking with it is required.


Flipper Zero
these are really promising, but they are currently lacking in their HF ability just at the moment.
Also, they are yet yet available retail… they are still fulfilling crowdfundinh orders

You can’t go wrong with the PM3 as a known entity and support you will get