Spark 2 Reading

Hey all,

So, am I dumb or… Actually, don’t answer that.

The Spark 2 doesn’t seem to be able to be read aside from with the KBR. NFC Tools should be able to read it, at least the basic NFC section, right? I think somehow ended up on a funny angle or some weirdness, because as far as I could tell when it was first installed it was nearly ideally located, even though I couldn’t read it aside from with the KBR, and now I can feel it but it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s flat beneath the skin, more like an angle.


To answer your question


Mine is Original spark, but still…

Have you tried
and also the Vivokey app?

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The only reason I can think of as to why it isn’t laying flat is if you went under, or in something you shouldn’t have.

I saw you installed it, can you feel the whole thing?

That’s the thing, it feels a bit like a sub that’s just spotted an airplane and made for down angle. :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like I feel part of it but it really feels like it’s pointing down. I don’t even know how, because it really felt like it was perfectly flat when it was first installed and I had even less pain than with the NEXT.

@Pilgrimsmaster, good to know, thank you! Taginfo and the Vivokey app can’t seem to find it either, and Taginfo finds my NEXT even faster than NFC Tools.

So you clearly know the correct technique to read with your phone…:thinking:
How long has the Spark 2 been in?
What is the time difference between Spark and NExT install?
Do you have another phone you can try it with?
Is there a noticable difference with the krb1 between NExT and Spark 2?

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Can you move it at all?


I guess that did it! I played with it a bit (it was sore for a while when I first installed it), but then, I had more swelling on the NEXT so maybe that was why it felt more acute). I finally got it by trying to shift it a bit.

@Pilgrimsmaster, thank you. Using the KBR I found a bit better of an orientation for it when shifting it. Maybe it did just try to migrate further, I dunno!


At least it is working now!
fresh installs can sometimes be a bit pernickety


Yeah, and here I went “Pffft, I got this shit now.”

Spark2: “Heh. Heh. Heh. Siddown, n00b.”

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Been thinking about this. Do you think it is possible you caught your muscle facia and it was partly under there? If you installed bevel up, it is about the only thing I can think of as I have been feeling my hand since, and cannot figure out why it would tilt like a sub.

That would also explain why it was sore for a bit, if you scraped muscle a little.


This is very possible! I thought it was pretty ok at first, but afterwards it wasn’t comfortable to move around.


It seems a member has to invite me?

Download ( Android only, iPhone app imminent )

Scan your Vivokey ( once installed, Don’t remove it from the syringe )

Vivokey Forum

Scan QR code with logged in Vivokey App

Setup login to both Forums

Ive got the app and it says scan your vivokey, i put fone next to it and nothing happens and nfc is turned on

Is it still in the syringe?

Im a utter novice at this

No problem, we all were at some stage. and we are all still learning :+1:t3:

Is it still in the syringe?

If so, you wont be able to read the implant, as the metal needle acts similar to a faraday cage, you wont be able to read it until it is installed DO THIS ( or removed from the needle DO NOT DO THIS )

its implanted

Remove the cover if there is one on it.
Is the phone unlocked?
VivoKey App open?

What flavour phone do you have?

Is it on this list?

Try moving you xFD on the back of the phone slowly,
where you get the brightest light from the LED, replicate that position and orientation with your spark

Its a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge android system on vodafone