Subcutaneous Data Storage

I have no idea what the wavelength of the EMP is from a nuclear bomb. From the above, I realized that the grid should be as small as possible :+1:


If you want to cover all EM ranges, use solid sheets. Either thin metal plates or a couple of layers of foil. Just mind the gaps so they don’t let some through.


:+1: :ok_hand:

Lol, I live in a metal enclosure. Metal Siding, and metal roof. The metal roof is cool, because I can use it as an antenna =)
And there isn’t a hope in hell of receiving a radio station in here, not unless you stick an antenna out of a window. Not just in front of the window, because all of my windows are tinted, with something metallic in the tint. Wasn’t aiming for that, but it’s an unexpected perk.

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You don’t necessarily need “password protection.”

I just did a test , PGP-encrypting some data. It came out to 1,711 bytes:



Hey there, I’m new to the forum so a bit late to the party but may have a tried and tested solution for you.

Don’t ask me why but I had a similar need to carry a discreet storage system on my person.

I bought one of these:

They don’t seem to sell them anymore but you can find something similar. It is tiny, easily hidden and…you can swallow it really easily and it still works a few days later (tested it myself). A microSD card will also likely work but you’re more likely to find a USB port to plug into. Make sure you don’t include any extremely sensitive files on there in case it’s compromised.

Also, sanitise your mobile phone, if it’s anything like mine, it probably has lots of contacts on there that can be used to gain information on yourself or that can be socially engineered if your life is at risk. You probably don’t want your mother/father/loved one having to denounce the invasion and expressing their newfound love for Russia in the media.

I used a simple code for changing my numbers, just pick a single digit, for example 4, add that to any digit to obscure it’s real ID. When you get to 9 go back to 0. Don’t obscure the calling code as these are easily known and will crack your very easily crackable code.

For example 0400 456 789 becomes 0400 890 123.

And, don’t forget to turn geotagging off on your phone, better yet don’t post to social media or use your phone in safe harbour areas. I’m sure if ISIS could work out your location and direct artillery from your photos metadata then the Russians can as well.

Good luck, stay safe.

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that link is 404 for me, but from what i can find online its…just a small flash drive? not sure how that is of use here

The OP was looking for a subdermal storage device capable of storing documents, which doesn’t yet exist.

They wanted that as they were concerned about it being found during a strip search.

I have personally used the linked small, waterproof flash drive for that exact purpose and tested it can be swallowed (to avoid being found) and used after you crap it back out.

I would have thought that information was possibly of a lot of use for the OP, given what they are trying to achieve.

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Maybe it’s just me, but swallowing or prison packing a memory card isn’t biohacking


I’m wondering what is the power consumption of those Bluetooth sd cards … Would it be possible to power them up with a small coil?
Put a wireless charger on the area and connect to it via wireless?

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I agree it definitely isn’t biohacking. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easily available biohacking solution to the OP’s question.

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Hey @Acujawa,

Are you after something like this?

I don’t know anything about EMP’s to say if it would survive or not but it is password protected data storage. It’s also kind of hidden as well because even if someone read your implant with a phone it would just give them a web link or whatever data you’ve written to the first sector on the chip.

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Hello, and thanks for the info, unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge to understand all these technical points and details of all kinds of Python scripts and so on, but I think that this is closer to what I’m looking for.
Thank you

Hey if you can’t find a good way to store it I’ll be your personal cloud for the files. I’ll boot up some cloud software on a server just let me know

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Thanks mate, I’ll keep that in mind

Hey. Yeah that was the original idea for the bodybytes project. Unfortunately those were becoming very difficult to source when we started the project and they also have very limited functionality and usually require a proprietary app to function. If you can find one that doesn’t have some of those issues though I would be willing to purchase and examine it. If it worked okay I would make a custom implant with my Qi receiver on a relatively short timescale

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Hi, should I be looking in this direction? Is there any chance that this device can be powered by an external coil?

Yeah, that’s the kind I’m talking about. We want one with good user experience (lots of compatibility and no proprietary software).

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