Successful Apex Flex install in Dallas, TX

got my implant installed today.

notes and thoughts in the video description.


I did end up hitting a nerve. Didn’t notice it at the time. Ring finger knuckle is numb to touch but it doesn’t hurt. I can trigger some burning/shocking sensation by touching/pressing/rolling over where the back of the needle or end of the pocket would have been.

I was born with extra fingers (like extra pinky finger removed at birth) so its possible the nerve endings in my body are atypical.

I’m probably super aware of it because I keep agitating it and becoming more aware.

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Missed opportunity for one more Titan :joy:

Try not to, it might go away completely as nerves grow back and the inflammation goes away.


Sorry for asking… but not really sorry since you brought it up. Was it a fully formed healthy pinky or something that would have been essentially useless? Man… if it was just a normal pinky, I know people who would have killed for an extra digit like that :slight_smile:


Different implant and location, but I remember my sense of touch in my Titan fingertip being weird near the incision while it was healing. Kinda tingly feeling. But eventually that went away and my sense of touch returned to normal.

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Bro the things id do with an extra pinky…



I think you’ll have an easier time in the future if you do metacarpals installs from the wrist side. I’ve had a few done both ways, and you’re less likely to hit nerves and such if you go with the flow.

I believe my right hand extra pinky was more developed than the left. They would have both been more or less useless.

Both were removed by tying a string around it and letting it die basically. The 80’s were a different time. My mom still has it.

My son, mother, grandmother, and grand uncle were born with extra digits.

My son had one removed at the hospital after birth and the other at 18 months. They adjusted the nerves and tucked them away. Mine are sensitive to temperature and banging them on things (joke fodder)

I thought to mention it because I figured there was extra plumbing around the area that might make my experience somewhat unique.


I was scared of damaging my hands. The doctors I initially asked to install it kind of spooked me.

I felt like it didn’t want to risk it floating above or below some moving part of my hand.

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I had a hard time with the Tegaderm pads for post install protection. They were too large and curled wherever my hand bent or creased. Especially failed when I started sweating in the Texas heat. Once it started that the sheet didn’t last long.

I tried the hydrocolloid gel bandages from Walgreens. They were advertised as waterproof and sterile. They were similar to the thing you put on your heel for blisters. Way more robust adhesion and smaller footprint made it easy to place it over the wound. Held up pretty well against sweat.


Interesting, thanks for sharing that.

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update regarding the burning and numbness situation in my ring finger.

During the day there’s really no issue beyond when I wake up and stretch. It’s kind of an unpleasant alarm clock. lol

If I stretch my arms behind my head or on my hips (I’m a little teapot style) I can trigger the sensation.

Both of those poses (while using left arm) trigger a burning/tingling/numb sensation.

As per amal’s advice I am trying to not mess with it too much but I am surprised how often I apparently make those motions.

Seems to be related to the ulnar nerve.
per orthoinfo

The ulnar nerve gives sensation (feeling) to the little finger and to half of the ring finger on both the palm and back side of the hand.

This post was helpful when I was considering my second implant (first implant was an impulse decision)

Would you be willing to update the post about position 5/knife edge

Not regretting it at all.

In fact, I just placed an order for a green XSIID.

Just sharing my experience.

In case anyone cares, my “art” for the Apex Flex implant is to become a data-courier a la Johnny Mnemonic.

Currently, I am carrying a self-replicating and self-propagating powershell script.

It could be considered “computer virus”.

I am a human “infected” with computer code.

My wife doesn’t get it but I think it’s a neat concept.

would definitely like to see more about this →

I already have a process for loading arbitrary data to it but an “official” way would be cool.

I have to limit the nfc share to 8k in order to use some other interesting applets like fido2 and smartpgp. I have bumped it up and stored a good deal on there though.

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kids these days will never know the joys of riding endangered species


I have just added this

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Awesome! I did not see that post before.