Support Ukraine

The charities

There are two beneficiaries we wish to work with during this crisis.

  1. Razom - a 501(c)3 registered non-profile (checks out with IRS) with descent projects we wish to help support through our donation collection efforts. If you wish to donate to them directly, you can do so at Donate - Razom

  2. Kirill Tsurikove - Kirill is the owner of a family based packaging business, currently closed because of the war. They made the amazing boxes (1, 2) for the Titan, cutting and folding each of them by hand. He and his family are currently safe but still inside Ukraine, residing in a city that has not, as of March 7th, been bombed or attacked directly.

The sale

In light of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, Dangerous Things has decided to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine by;

  1. donating 10% of gross revenues from sale items (listed below)

  2. creating and promoting a discount coupon good for 10% - 15% off sale items (listed below)

  3. allowing customers to add an additional donation amount during checkout

  4. keeping you informed by editing this exact post with updated information on donations collected and payments made to charities

The products

The sale items we are raising donation funding and offering discounts for include;

• %15 off magnet implants

• %10 off x-series implants, flex implants, and rings

Coupon code: Ukraine

When checking out, apply the coupon code Ukraine to your cart to reduce the cost of certain implant products like magnet implants, x-series chip implants, etc. off your order.

The updates

We will periodically edit this post below this line to place updates about amounts raised, payouts made, etc.


Now I just need to figure out where it squeeze a xslx


Need to figure out where to squeeze my wallet for an xG3v2 XD


I highly recommend it

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What is the timeline on this? And can I buy stuff now but hold off on sending it till the DT club special Rainbow Edition is ready? I’ve got a bit of a shopping list

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The sale itself will extend to the end of March, but the donations to Ukraine may continue for some time, depending on where the situation goes.


Thank you Amal for your support!
Because of the war, I lost my job and I still can’t afford to buy any of the coolest devices, besides, logistics (delivery) is not working now.
But I will definitely do it as soon as the war is over.
good luck and prosperity
Odessa, Ukraine


I’m glad you’re still with us, I noticed you were in Odessa back when everything first happened.

I wish you, your family, and your country the best, and I hope things get better for you soon. Everyone is rooting for you!

Slava Ukraini!


Thanks bro, the whole sane world is with us! We feel this support and are very grateful - it is very inspiring! Victory is ours because the truth is on our side. In addition, our brave warriors are very strong in spirit, body and mind.
Orcs will all lie down or return to Mordor in parts
Saint Javelins are doing their job!
Thank you!


and to you friend! Stay safe!

  • Any chance Receipts can indicate that this was a 501(c)3 donation? Anyone who reports that on taxes may need that to be identified. My tax guy requires receipts it indicate they are to a nonprofit.
    Currently, the line item reads “Support Ukraine!” Could it indicate “Support Ukraine! (via Razom 501(c)3)”?

Either way, the support is the good part here! Thanks for making this happen!


Only if you donate to them directly. Since our donation collection process is based on sales of a for-profit corporation, we cannot proxy through deductions unfortunately.


That makes sense. Thanks! I still appreciate the coordination, and it was a great time to stop looking, and start buying!


Somewhat off topic. I want some of these new Ukranian postage stamps.


If we survive, I will buy and send to you


Just survive. Also, seriously fucking impressed by your whole country.


Thank you, we will definitely win, we are already doing it.
The bastard Putin miscalculated a lot with our thousand-year-old people. As for postage stamps, I’m serious, happy to send them to you after the war is over.


It’s important to keep up the pressure on, military, economic and political fronts. Doing my best on the last one. I’ve never directly insulted a foreign head of state by post card before, but I think I hit all the right notes when this went in the mail today.


That’s awesome!
I came across this at a bar today. They also have a shot called the Fuck Putin. They said a portion of their sales gets donated, but the bartender didn’t know exactly where. Hopefully it’s actually being sent though.


you made my day