Sycreader R60D 125kHz USB keyfob reader micro-review

+ Standard non-repeating keyboard wedge (US keyboard layout) and therefore it’ll work in any OS, and in Android with an OTG adapter
+ It’s small and convenient
+ It’s extremely cheap
+ It has a surprising range for its size: I get 1/2" with my EM4305 implant

- It’s a keyboard wedge, with the limitations of keyboard wedges
- The keyboard layout is not configurable - but then, very few keyboard wedges offer that option
- As far as I can tell, it only reads EMs
- The USB plug is a bit flimsy
- The USB plug cap is a bit cheap and doesn’t quite line up on the plug on its own

Conclusion: for the price, a good gadget to keep in your wallet.

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Also, it reads an xEM inside the needle. Useful for field-testing at the piercer’s.