Testing NFC Locks - Work paying

The place where I am working has just approved the IT bloke to get two new locks. He has approached me. He is willing to buy something to test with my implants. As the business is paying for it, I anticipate price will not be any real issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something not yet on the matrix, which is perhaps a little expensive, and they haven’t been willing to experiment with due to price in case it is not compatible.

I have Next, Apex, xM1 to play with.

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What’s the goal? Door locks?

Yes. Deadbolt or latch or both. I figure we can test a few and give some feedback, if anyone has something they like the sound of but are hesitant to buy without knowing if it will work.

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This is one of the few LF door locks I’ve seen

No reports on read range, But LF does tend to be favorable sometimes

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I actually had this on my internal entry door from the garage to house. I can confirm I have not been able to get it to read the LF of the NExT. It even takes some time to read the tags.

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Well boo

Shit, I see now that the tittle specifically said NFC locks

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LF are ok too. I would love to get some stand alone which would work reliably. I am happy if it is LF; especially if it was HID.

I think that the Paxton Paxlock pro hasn’t been tested yet. Dahua also makes a few locks but they are chinise so I wouldn’t trust them as much.

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Level lock maybe?

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Cool. I was pass them both along to the IT fellow and see what he can do.

It’s been tested before:

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Also the Schlage S-480 and S-6800 have yet to be tested along with the rest of the Milre family.

I was planning to get an S-480 but life got in the way and I might have to move so this is currently on hold.

Lockpicking lawyer did a video on Level Lock, not the best from his perspective. It could be breached with a low-level raking attack if you use the default keyway :grimacing:. He was also worried about the deadbolt being the battery compartment.


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