The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

So yeah. When feeling sickly, a warm shower is my go to cure. And if I was feeling sick enough, I’d stand in it all damn day. What you got to watch out for is teenagers with a need to turn the bathroom into a steam sauna EVERY DAY.

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Sorry meant to reply to this and I didn’t,

Welcome back :+1:

I’ve been meaning to ask, we’re you in the Mitten? I feel like I thought I read that you were…

Was considering trying to throw something together again for those in the area,

I think @Dondula is also, right?

I’ve literally only followed @mrln with the laser thread…. Everything else is so scattered I can’t even follow the discussion :face_with_spiral_eyes:

At least on the forum I can follow the conversation in each thread… well except this one at times lol


I used to be near Lapeer but no longer. In Virginia now

Hmmm that’s a tougher drive for drinks

Welcome back, we’ve missed you.

Sir, you do not give yourself enough credit.
You know plenty

Not painful at all, you’re free to socialise wherever you please.

Haha, I was in the same boat…and as I thought that, I felt the “man points” leaving me.

I still want to know the special badge Amal gave someone a long time ago.

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I actually think it was on the closed Vivokey Beta forum, and I think it went to @fraggersparks

So if you went looking for it, you may have been chasing a goose

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I still think that is awesome


Ooo glowy

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I was on that hunt for like weeks. I just wanted to know what it said.

I mean. I do too. But I dont explain it to anyone, as it gets not the best response in real life. Im not embarrassed or anything. I just dont feel the need to explain myself to anyone anymore.

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Something change on the backend of the forum?

Get a weird loading dot screen on load, and super sluggish

Yea i noticed it aswell

Plus the mobile Version is broken.

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Fuck them

Fuck them also


Hey @invalid_signal

I’m having a dumpster fire of a day for mobile service

I know we got hit by a CME yesterday, but the rf forecast doesn’t seem to be bad

Any insider info on what could be going on?

It’s weird too, if I reset my phone… I get full bars and 20-30mbps for a few minutes…. Then it degrades to 1 bar and like 300kbps a few near me are having same issues

Curiously I don’t see anything on the down indicator sites though…

Just curious

But does that correlates to actual speed/signal, or is it still shit?

risking oversimplifying (and also being utterly wrong since I’m relying on an explanation given to me which lies beyond my capacity to validate)… might be a “priority queue” on “antenaes” to get a newly detected phone in the net. this causes a burst of comms between phone and antenna and is very fast.
Then once the phone is “in” it’s no longer top priority, so less “antenna chit-chat” happens.
This increased rate of communication and speed so soon after you reset the phone might be misinterpreted as if the signal is very good and etc, because the phone lacks actual data over time, causing it to display a much higher quality than it actually has.

if it gets actually good for a short period… then I’m also really curious.

With my old phone that used to happen a lot, and a friend who works in telco came to figure out what was happening (to me) was that as soon as I would turn on my phone it would first try to connect to a 4G network, then do a bunch of stuff, and only then it would start connecting to a 5G network (also because 5G signal where I live is tenuous).
4G is slower, but there are a LOT of those antennas around me, whilst 5G antennas are few and a lot more people are currently connected to 5G networks, which causes t to become far slower… but both the network and my phone would insist on trying to keep me on that.

I purposedly bought a 4G-only phone to replace that one… and despite the phone being so shitty it lags during scrolling the menu, the internet is just so much faster now! (at least until 5G coverage becomes an actual thing here)

That said, also looking forward for hearing a better explanation

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2bars of LTE, normally have 4 where I’m sitting
Just enough bandwidth to be a tease


Sad modem noises


Yes your new device explaination fits, I have 2-3 minutes of usually internet and then it nose dives hard

(Understand the level of dedication I have to gifs, that I took the time to find, download, and upload gifs given this obvious cyber deficit)


There could be service effecting work being done on the tower. I just had to replace a 5G antenna today and we knocked out one sector’s 5G capability for an hour.
Could be an issue with back haul. More modern towers are using straight fiber from the tower to data centers, but there’s still a tone of towers that use microwaves to get the data from the antenna to another tower, then another tower, then to a data center. Maybe a microwave dish went offline somewhere so they have to trunk the data through another backhaul line?
A fiber jumper might have broken to taking the radio from 4 fiber lines down to 3 or less. It happens when the tower crew doesn’t support the fiber jumpers properly, then wind picks up and the fiber just starts flapping against the steel tower.
Maybe all the cops and fire firefighters decided to have a conference call. Just joking, but their phones will trump civies phones.

It does kind of sound like you’re being throttled though since you have better signal when your phone reconnects like Eyeux said, then due to whatever issue, your device gets kicked down a tier on the priority list.


Could also be this:


Here’s a 5G radio/antenna. It has 4 optical ports to send and receive data to the router on the ground. Each cable can handle 5gbps. So if one of them broke, then it nocks it down from 20gbps to 15gbps, if 2 broke then it’s down to 10gps that the radio can send/receive from the router.

Here’s the NIC where the fiber plugs into, then just plug the NIC into the radio/antenna like a high tech USB with a weatherproofing lock haha.

Here’s a site I was out a couple weeks ago. The crew who installed the equipment were horrible and we had to come back to properly support all the cables, fix the grounding, rotate antennas, and a bunch more lol
This is a good example of poor cable management/support that could lead to broken fiber. Also, was a cool feeling being 200+ feet in the air and not seeing anything 20 feet away haha

The 4G set up is on the right. You’ve got the big antenna and 2 radios hooked up behind it, one for HF and one for LF.
The 5G setup is to the left which is the small antenna that actually has the radio mounted inside along with an elect tilt mechanism to point the antenna downwards via a laptop depending on what the network engineers want.
It’s nice having the radio and antenna as one package. Saves time on mounting the set up and cable management. The radios for the 4G set up are nice when it’s cold out though. I used them as hand warmers XD