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entrapment in reference to the auto Sears comment but even with the braces the AFT is maintaining that they have believed the whole time that skirting the sbr ban with braces was illegal and that they’re only now going to start enforcing it if you don’t comply within the given time frame of the 120days

The first time (9 months ago) was anomaly

1 week ago, I found another one, on the same beach NOW that’s interesting





Is your arduino controlled Scoot, Implant started?

Have you considered doing a writeup in the #projects section?

I for one would be interested

Well I’ve run into an issue, or rather some annoying over engineering.
My bike has two batteries that need to be turned on one after the other with a 5-6 sec interval (to bypass some proprietary battery bullsh*t from). So what I’m currently doing is: when I turn on the first battery the Arduino gets powered by that battery. It waits a bit and turns the second one on with a relay.
When I turn back off the first battery the Arduino is unpowered and obviously the relay opens.

It’s satisfyingly simple. BUT to turn on the whole thing with nfc I would need the Arduino to be independently powered and have two relays, one for each battery. So far so good and I have tried it before. It works.

The thing is I refuse to have to charge this little system separately so I want to steal power from battery one to tricke charge the Arduino’s battery when the bike is on. And this is where the Arduino freaks out. It will turn on both batteries fine but will only turn off the first one. My guess it that it resets when battery one turns off and it has to switch to battery power so it just skips the las part (turning battery two off).

I’ve tried a MKRzero with the onboard li-ion charging and a pro nano with a separate charging module…


Actually since then I’ve found out that the turning off sequence doesn’t matter so Imight try the exact same thing but turning battery one off last and then it doesn’t matter if the Arduino restarts or whatever because the job is done :thinking:

I know that here is not a lot of finnish speaking people but would like to share what one of our biggest tabloids released about walletmor. It’s actually quite good and at least comment section is not horrible. Only basic questions mostly.

Edit to add:

Facebook comments for the article are what is expected :sweat_smile:

Which is funny since the government OK’d companies that they contract with to sell firearms with braces to the public. Doesn’t seem like skirting when they themselves approved it. At least for Sig.

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And now, in the spirit of this thread something completely different:
I only superficially followed this forum for a few month, so im a bit out of the loop.
How far along is the Apex Mega?
Some people aparently already got test copies?


Remember this conversation

That lead to this

My Mrs just bought me a new pair of Flip-Flops

Pretty stoked.

Im a simple man who is easily satisfied



It looks like the two single-chip implants have black epoxy, while the NExT has clear epoxy, just curious if anyone knew why

So the 2 parts can see each other and discuss a bit while being stuck in a glass prison :upside_down_face:


Probably government sponsored shootings so they have the ammo to take guns away.

I’m wondering about the risk of magnetizing vintage mechanical watches with a Titan? Ie: something manufactured circa 1950.

I’m pretty sure that having a magnet in your finger is not a problem with modern timepieces. And while this is probably a better question for a watch collector’s forum, I decided to ask here first.

Could you throw a rechargeable battery on the arduino?
this way you use a tiny module which can be tucked between the arduino and the fixing into the bike…
And once battery one is up, the Arduino’s battery gets recharged… so effectively the same thing as suckling from the main battery.

With the added bonus that it doesn’t risk getting drained (not that you would have to worry about that, but eh…)

That was the original idea but I think arduinos don’t really like switching power sources :confused:

Not even a bit.

They are hardwired to reset when turned on, and switching power sources would be received as being turned off then on again.

Not even their internal clocks survive that. they always reset as well.

You could try something to keep a buffer charge between the battery and the arduino, so even while you swap sources it maintains the arduino on, but I feel like that’s an “external battery with extra steps” :woman_shrugging:

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That would be a big capacitor ? Yeah that’s getting very overcomplicated just to flip a switch. Plus it’s really just for the fun factor, it doesn’t really add any specurity since you can just walk away with the bike anyway.
I’m gonna keep my foolproof setup I think :sweat_smile:

How about wiring two power sources in parallel? Switch on the second before turning off the first. I haven’t done it with Arduinos but have done it with data centers and remote sites while replacing their DC power plants.:wink: You should just need a regulator to keep the voltage steady, right?

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Indeed… hence why a battery operated arduino was my first suggestion… XD

It still might cause fluctuations on the supply when switching, which might trigger a reset response from the arduino.
Safest bet would be to get a buffer and something to activate backup power once main power is off. but then…
We would again be building a batery operated Arduino with extra steps… :sweat_smile:

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That was my first thought also, specifically I thought of the Marine / RV switches.

OFF - Batt 1 - Batt 1 & 2 (parallel) - Batt 2